Tips to Win Keno Online

Tips to Win Keno Online


Keno is a popular Chinese game where you choose bet numbers and receive winnings if they appear as hits. Kenoonline at represents a game of luck which brings small winnings. If you want to earn more with keno, make sure to apply several keno strategies. Check this review for more details.

Tips win Keno online

If you don’t have an idea on how to play keno online, we will give some recommendations:

•Learn the rules of the game (before choosing a casino game, you need to know all accompanying rules. It is recommended to search for basic keno rules and types. Proceed with looking for right keno casino and start practicing.)

•Select the numbers and place a bet (keno includes numbers from 1-80. Here you choose 20 fields and mark them. Games usually require minimum four numbers)

•Check drawn numbers and collect winnings (payout depends on percentage table. The more numbers you hit, the better you win)

•Learn about the keno game (look for specifications of the game. Learn how many numbers you can select, possible payouts, minimum bets, etc.)

•Choose keno lounges with higher payouts (keno lounges can differ in terms of payout. Players should compare them and find better payout option. If you stick to the same without success, change it.)

•Look for a progressive jackpot keno game (keno appears with small odds but it doesn’t prevent you from accessing the right place at the right time. The pot fills over time which brings better winning chances. Make sure to check current jackpot amount on the paytable)

•Place small bets (keno is a fast-paced game but it requires patience and time. Start with smaller bets of $1 and wait for the result. If the lounge pays well, you can proceed with higher wagers. Keno generally provides larger winnings. However, if you follow all details, you can collect small winnings over the period of time)

•Set a keno budget (regular players should decide on overall budget per month, day or round. Don’t use all your assets for keno purposes. Only use money which you can afford to lose)


•Select fewer numbers per round (when you play on fewer numbers, you will have higher money percentage if you win. It is better to bet on four numbers and hit three than betting on ten numbers and hitting eight)


As you can assume, keno tips are very practical for customers. Thanks to them, keno gamblers can learn how to make smart decisions and steps. Make sure to apply all previous instructions and start keno experience right now.

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