Top 10 Romantic Things to Do On Your Seychelles Honeymoon

Honeymoon is the most significant time in a couple’s life. It’s the time of travelling together and taking care of each other’s need. It’s the time of selecting the most romantic place so as the aura is full of romance and love.

And, when we are talking about romance and honeymoon, what can be best than Seychelles, and furthermore there a lot of romantic things to do in Seychelles.

Reason, the place is renowned for exotic beauty and grandeur. Though, renowned as the play field of the rich people, it is now gaining prominence as one of the most sought after honeymoon destination, especially among the Indians. The place is also known for its luxurious monuments.

So, if you are embarking on a new journey called life after marriage, what can be best than the amalgamation of turquoise water, luxurious resorts, white sparkling sand as well as state of the art hotels with luxury redefined.

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So, to begin with, let us know something about the magical land Seychelles. A conglomeration of 115 islands, the weather here is pleasant all year around.

The time zone here is + 4 GMT, and the currency used is Seychelles. You must have a time period of 7-8 days to book Seychelles Honeymoon Packages so that you have ample time to travel, explore, experience and romance. So here are top romantic things to do in Seychelles while you are on your honeymoon.

Romance in the Air

What can be romantic than a helicopter ride over the islands of Seychelles with your partner? It’s the experience worth it.

It might cost you, but the experience would be worth spending. A helicopter ride over the Mahe Island will give you the most spectacular look of the breathtaking tropical vegetation.

To add to, there are luxurious and exotic cottages in the private island that are bestowed with private courtyard, open air washrooms, longue area and lot more to add to your fine experiences.

In the Waters!

After air, it is the turn of romancing in the waters. Yet another romantic thing to do is sailing on a yacht! The experience can be gained on the exotic Cerf Island with a spectacular resort.

The yacht ride to reach this island is mind blowing. And, after that ride, the property has a lot of luxury to offer: the marine life, ocean everywhere, luxurious dining, as well as private villas.

The Sunset and the Champaign

Yet another activity is observing the beautiful sunset and doing nothing in the evening than enjoying it with a Champaign.

This is possible if you have booked a beach side resort and there are packages to enjoy the Champaign. It’s the beautiful combination for the honeymooners.

The Beautiful Night with the Romantic Dinner

If you have experienced the beautiful sunset in the evening, spare another day for a romantic candlelit dinner by the beach. The sound of water is best than any sound or music.

There are various properties in Seychelles that have a lot to offer to the diners.

These properties have beach side dining set ups so that one can enjoy their dinner in the candle lights with music of the waves and nothing else.

Time for a Relaxing Massage

There can’t be anything better than a relaxing massage after hectic days of exploring Seychelles.

Seychelles has property called Fregate Island Resort that has complimentary one hour massage for the couple. This can surely be an experience to remember, there a lot of massages in their menu, and you can choose the one which may relax you and rejuvenate you.

Also, alongside massages, there are seven beaches that offer nature walks as well as non-motor water sports along with other luxurious amenities like private infinity pool, daybed, outdoor dining terrace and so on.

For the Love of Coconuts!

Yes, the most interesting part is walking by the coconut plantation on Anse Source D’Argent Beach and experiencing Coco de mer, world’s largest coconut.

The coconut is huge enough to be shared by you and your partner. It might look weird in its appearance, but it’s worth experiencing it while you are in Seychelles.

The Eden Island

It’s the manmade heaven for sure. Nevertheless it is a private property; it is worth watching and experiencing.

The yachts, golf cart, panoramic view of the oceans- the tour of the island would be an affair to remember. It is actually a breathtaking secluded waterfront in the Eden Island.

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Go Snorkeling

You have chosen a beach destination for your honeymoon and you have not experienced snorkeling, it is actually not done. It is for every one even if you don’t know how to swim.

It is the best and the easiest way to gaze the underwater world. The best part is that a number of beaches around the beautiful Seychelles are calm, and so it becomes easy and convenient to do snorkeling.

The clear blue water gives the clear and spectacular view of the ocean bed. Some properties offer canoeing alongside snorkeling as well.

The Mahe Islands

Well, it is not necessary to spend every time you need to rejuvenate yourself while travelling. There are some free things to do in Seychelles, like wandering around the Mahe Island.

You can have a small walk around the spectacular islands. There is an option of driving also along the Islands.

So, besides all these romantic activities in Seychelles, there is one national park also which one shall visit. People generally go for hiking at this park. Then, don’t forget to the small Victoria, which is the capital of Seychelles; there is a Hindu Temple, a Mosque and a Cathedral as well along with a Museum.

It’s a bustling place offering a lot to the tourists and travellers. Its market is very colorful and has a lot of positive vibes. Moving further, don’t forget to eat at the Beau Vallon’s Market stalls.

Local food are available here at good prices along with souvenirs. So, hope you have a happy time with your partner in Seychelles.

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