Top 4 Reasons Why Parking Lot Striping is Important

Top 4 Reasons Why Parking Lot Striping is Important

Whether you’re an owner of a booming retail store, small boutique, or restaurant, your customers are often affected by your parking spaces.

Additionally, while this seems to be a small and unimportant part of business, parking lot striping can decide the number of customers you can serve at a given time or day.

If you’re currently constructing an additional parking lot or if your existing parking lots don’t have enough striping, it’s high time to do some parking lot striping.

If you leave the striping concern neglected, you’ll soon find your parking lot in an ugly, messy situation, leaving visitors with a lousy impression. And in business, one bad impression can mean lost business opportunity.

To convince you of the importance and timeliness of striping your parking lot, here are four main points of contention.


Pedestrian and Driver Safety

Proper parking lot striping can guide pedestrians and drivers. A striped crosswalk is not something you can miss. With this, you are significantly minimizing the risk of collisions.

Arrows that serve as pavement markings are also important in directing one-way traffic flow throughout your office or store’s parking area. As a business and building owner, it’s your goal to create a clearly defined and visible messaging for cars and people coming in and out of your premises.

Maximizing Area

If you have designated areas for vehicles in your parking lot, you can increase the capacity of the entire space. Zero or poor stripping can easily lead to haphazard and spatially inefficient parking.

If you plan your parking space usage ahead of time, you can make room for more visitors and guests to drive to your business.

As an establishment owner, you have to carefully plan your parking lot striping to make sure that you utilize every inch and square foot of space.

Access for Handicapped Customers and Guests

Aside from common sense and your moral compass, the Americans with Disabilities Act mandate the designation of handicapped spaces, including parking areas for handicapped customers and guests.

Efficient striping of parking spaces specifies these legally designated spaces, ensuring that handicapped guests and visitors are convenient and that your business is complying with the legal standards.

Improved Curb Appeal and Overall Space Appearance

Parking lots are the establishment owners’ first chance to create a great impression on their visitors and customers. The contrasting yellow and white lines against the dark black asphalt is something visitors can see.

This alone can set your business apart from competitors with faded and old parking lot striping.

As you already know, over time, striping on the parking lot can quickly fade due to the high volume of vehicle traffic and constant exposure to the scorching heat of the sun. To keep the visual appeal of your parking space, re-stripe your area as soon as you can see it fading.

If your commercial parking area needs rejuvenation, you may contact C and D Services Inc. Their parking space striping professionals will make sure that your lot is ADA-compliant, adequately spaced, and safe.



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