Top 5 binary option brokers 2020

Top 5 binary option brokers 2020

Before knowing about the 5 binary options brokers let’s explore what binary options are? Binary options are a form of economic trading involving or without a fixed amount of payment. The trade is normally conducted online. Binary options companies allow online trading.

In this article, I will explain the top 5 binary options companies step by step.

So, Let’s dive into it.


5 Best Binary Options Companies

I’m trying to break down the misconceptions and present the facts about binary options and brokers of binary options. There is a great deal of misleading information about them. There isn’t a lot of critical broker feedback. This is an assessment of 5 best binary options companies. The analysis is a broker list of binary options. The analysis gives you an insight into how they work.

I recommend IQoption, ExpertOption & Olymp Trade based on my experience, but please read the complete review for your pick of one from the first 5.

IQ Options

IQ Option is an online trading site from Seychelles that was introduced in 2013. In South Africa, it has got a great deal of support. This is one of South Africa’s most active binary options companies.

They appear to be one with more than 25 million members fast-growing online trading platforms. They offer forex exchange, stock trading, and ETF trading. Binary options brokers are also open. They can trade more than 10 million digital choices. By speculating on world market currencies, indexes, inventories, and commodities, you engage with binary options companies.

IQ Choice has a site and an app for trading. It relies on what you like or what you can do. Pick the asset that you would like to trade-in and navigate the menu of tools. The company’s profit percentage is allocated to each asset.


Expertoption is a global market site binary options companies. People in over 150 countries around the world are accessible on the website. Expertoption began in 2014 and currently has a trading population of 8,707,538. Expertoption is a prize-winning platform which was recognized in the Chinese Trading expo Shenzhen from 6-7 May 2017 as a prize-winning company.

The broker provides up to 100 asset options for trading. Curators in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, New Zealand, Switzerland, Japan, Puerto Rico, Sudan, North Korea and are not being given its services to residential guests in the following countries.

Expertoption operates on all sites and channels for app trading. On a website in which you are comfortable, you will login to your account. They also offer a free demo account to beginner traders to check their skills first until they spend any money.

Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade was launched in 2014 by automated trading in Cyprus. There are more than 20000 traders a day in the network. It is rising at 7% in payouts per month, with payouts reaching 7 969 557 dollars last month. Another great choice for a newcomer is the Olymp trade. It has very helpful academic trading tools. It is one of Nigeria’s biggest distributors of binary options companies.

Online, smartphone and apple platforms of a trading run Olymp Trade. You can use a demo account before switching to a real account with them first. This is one of the largest brokers of sample accounts for binary options.

You can provide trading 24/7 and you can trade more than 60 properties. The networks for trade are very sensitive and self-explaining. It is quite easy to establish and complete a company.

High Low

HighLow is an Australian binary options company. There are a range of websites that won’t accept Australian traders. It’s one of the strongest Australian binary options providers.

This is one of the best binary options companies for 60 seconds. A large range of binary options and even some of the highest payouts are available on this website. They also profited from dividend payments by over 200 percent.

HighLow runs on the model of MarketsPulse. However, it does not agree with US traders.

Option Robot

Option robot is a heavy-risk binary options trading company with high-return stocks. If you’re unwilling to take huge risks with great potential returns if everything goes right, Optionrobot will provide you with the platform. The robots on the platform produce trading signals and directly conduct the company on your broker. Option robot has a winning rate of 83 percent. That’s pretty awesome. Maybe you don’t want to put money, while Optionrobot can’t afford to lose.


The above feedback and guide will help you pick the best binary options companies. We truly hope this analysis will lead to your profitability in binary options. The analysis contains some of the highest level brokers for binary options. It’s fantastic options intermediary to be able to get. Good exchange. Happy exchange! Good exchange!


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