Just like Pcs and Laptops, Android smartphones also have plenty of folders for each application and media files. Many times your phones are handled by third-party people like friends, lovers or family members and you don’t want to expose the confidential data stored in your smartphones to them. Although the current version of smartphones comes with advanced security features in the form of fingerprint sensors, it does not protect the data in each folder. This is the reason why folder security apps are required. Android luckily has got plenty of folder lock apps that help to protect your device completely from the prying eyes. The following are the 5 amazing folder apps for Android in 2019. 1. FileSafe This is one of the safest and user-friendly folder locking apps for Android with an easy to use password management system. You can lock your files and folders using password and hide them as well from the third party people. With this app, you don’t need to worry about setting the lock screen password. The third party people will not even be able to view your hidden files and folders, forget about accessing them. You can also hide the FileSafe app icon so that no one comes to know about it. 2. Secure Folder This application is dedicated to Samsung users. It uses the Samsung Knox security platform. The application provides an extended layer of security for Samsung smartphones by creating a private space or ‘Secured Folder’. You can protect the security folder using passwords, PIN, and biometrics. It is pretty much like a separate profile on your device safe from the third party eyes. Not just files and folders, you can also import private contacts into the folder. For creating smartphone data backups, click on Back up Security Folder from Backup and restore under Settings. 3. Applock-Fingerprint Pro This is one of the finest personalized choices for Android users. The application helps you to create private photos and video by hiding it from the gallery and also locks your gallery with Password, Pattern as well as fingerprint lock for third party protection. The application helps you to lock everything from screen lock to applications, files, folders, SMS, emails, notes and almost everything storing your private data. It also offers multiple colorful themes and allows you to set invisible patterns so that prying cannot tack your password in any way. 4. Folder Lock It offers complete protection to your smartphones be it files, folders, applications, sms, notes, calendars, memos anything. There are separate Image locker, Video locker, Gallery locker, App locker, Screen locker for protecting each file and feature in your smartphone. It also allows you to create private pictures, videos, recordings, memos and even private contacts. It captures images of your intruders with the defined time frame and also offers additional security features like Private browsing, hide official application icon, and creates a fake profile to prevent unauthorized access. 5. Smart Hide Calculator This is one interest application disguised in the form of a calculator. You need to set the password first here to access the application interface. It gives a complete protection to all files and folders in your device SD card and internal memory. Even if your smartphone is rooted you can use this application to hide and unhide different files and folders. From pictures, videos, documents, to all kinds of files you can hide with Smart Hide Calculator. It is very easy to use and protects your entire smartphone files and folders.
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