Top 5 Prank Apps

Top 5 Prank Apps

Who’s Calling Fake Caller

Ziaurehman Amini

This fake prank calling app is perfect for getting out of tight situations.

Stuck on a horrible date and dying to leave? This app lets you schedule a fake incoming call to ring you immediately, giving you the perfect excuse to leave.

Who’s Calling Fake Caller is our top suggestion due to the large and fun selection of characters available. With a total of 9 call screens, there are also a wide array of distinct personalities can be chosen. These include former and current president Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Other and perhaps more believable fake contacts include boyfriend or girlfriend and grandma and grandpa.

Once the fake incoming call is answered, you will be able to hear your own voice. The app enables you to make a voice recording beforehand which can be heard during the call, knowing what to expect will make the call appear more natural.

Additional features

  • Callers available have their own unique audio file played during phone calls
  • 99 ringtones available
  • Search the web and add any picture to a caller
  • Delete callers from the app

Ownage Pranks

This fun app perfect for regular prank callers was conceived by the hilarious and creative Russell Johnson, who is the creator of the entertaining prank youtube channel Ownage Pranks.

The Ownage Pranks app does not disappoint with its prank calling material as it has over 100 pre-recordings voiced by professional voice actors including Russell.

These pre-scripted pre-recordings come in different scenarios such as Buk Lau’s ‘You Hit My Car’, Rakeesh’s ‘Hotdog Complaint’ and many more. Prank scripts are categorized under different genre headings, so it is easy to find the type of prank that best caters your victim.

To use, first choose a pre-recording, enter the contact number you wish to ring and tap call. During a phone call, you can tune in live to listen to reactions.


  • Calls are immediately recorded
  • Submit and share to the Pranks hall of fame, best reactions are featured.
  • 3 credits are given daily.
  • Caller ID is hidden as your Wifi is used and not your phone company.

Hack Prank

Want to be an anonymous hacker like in the movies?

Hack Prank is a hacking simulator which is excellent for pranking unsuspecting people on their smartphones. Of course, this app is intended to be used for practical jokes and not the real thing.

To use Hack Prank, you must first borrow a friends phone and install the app. Once loaded, you can input your own message, which will then show up on their phone screen. Afterwards set the time you wish the message to appear.

Give the phone back to your friend, and while they are busy using their phone, the hacked screen will appear, making it seem as if the phone has been infiltrated. Hacking screens will show regardless of what applications are used.

The apps UI also has a similar design to command prompt, making it more authentic.

How to use:

  • Customize message you want the hacked screen to show
  • Set the time of the hack
  • Proceed to watch your friend react to their infiltrated phone screen

Voice Changer- Prank Call

Modify your voice with Voice Changer-Prank Call with their user-friendly design and easy to use functions. With just the click of a button, you can change your voice to fool friends and family during prank calls.

Sound effects such as faster, woman, slower, robot, echo and many more are available to use once you have recorded your original speaking voice. To start, press and hold the record button and speak as normally would into the microphone, release when finished.

The voice effects mentioned above can be applied to the recording, changing the way you sound drastically. Once modified the auto speed-up function can also be used on the video playback.

Voice changes can be exported as audio (.m4a) pr Video(.mov) formats so you can share with friends and family.

Funcalls- Best Voice Changer & Call Recording

This voice changing app will let to change your voice during a call in real-time with added background sound effects.

Unlike our previous voice changer recommendation prank calls do not have to be pre-recorded and modified afterwards.

There are many sound modifications available, which include high pitched voices and low pitched voices. High voices are ‘Helium balloon’, and ‘Funny sound’ and voices which are lower are ‘Man sound’ and ‘Scary sound’.

A demo call can be utilized if you wish to do a test run to hear how your voice will be heard on the phone.

Prank calls come with additional background sound effects such as Cow moos, Cat meows, farts, and dog barks.

Even though ‘Funcalls’ is considered to be a prank calling app first and foremost, it can also be used to make international calls for reasonable prices. These calls can be made to landlines and mobiles in over 150 countries, including Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.


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