Top 5 Principles of Strategic Planning

Top 5 Principles of Strategic Planning

“We are all in the gutter but, some of us are looking at the stars.”

  • Oscar Wilde

Those ‘SOME’ are the successful professionals and business houses.

This is the nature of strategic planning. You operate deep in the dark, managing countless tasks day-by-day. At the same time, you keep a steady gaze on your organization’s goals, vision and purpose and on ways you can stand out from your potential market competitors.

You maybe a professional or an organizational entity, learning the management of strategic planning is very critical in today’s uncertain business world. Most of the project managers are good strategic planners. And it is noticed that the successful ones always prefer management certification courses. Also, a strategic planner who is an outcome of getting a project management diploma online is highly appreciated and recognized across the industries.

Your strategy is your promise to deliver value, the value on which you or your company stands for. It differentiates yourself from the others. Quality, innovation, profitability, and progress all depend on having a great strategy.

The most iconic and successful business enterprises such as Apple, Amazon, Starbucks, to name a few have one common thread and that is the staunch sustainable strategic planning.

As a professional or a company, you too can join them. For that to come into reality for you, you will have to learn and cultivate those 5 principles of strategic planning religiously. You can also spend some time to know-how project management professional certification bringing the best possible strategic professionals.

Sadly, many of us consider a strategic plan when thinking of our companies or our employers only. We associate strategic planning with the process whereby we enter the conference room with our teammates, as we revisit or establish our mission, vision, goals and objectives. However, hardly do we think of strategic planning as it relates to our personal lives. It does enhance your personal life in manifolds.

We hope to inspire you with these 5 principles that have guided many successful professionals and companies around the globe and proved incredibly beneficial when implementing in their respective project management fields or any other levels.

Herein those top-most 5 Principles of Strategic Planning:

  1. Pursuing Passion for Your Purpose

Having a passion for your mission and vision is about knowing your true purpose. Passion keeps you alive and focused on your purpose. The moment we’re not passionate, we procrastinate on the plan. With passion, we lead our plans with excitement and a sense of urgency. Passion gives planning energy. Passion also gives planning focus so that the plan dominates our attention and distractions stay aside.

  1. Build Partnerships

It’s important to find a group of people who challenge, support and inspire you. No one is here today because they did it all their own. Build strong partnerships with people who are accountable and trusted confidant. Don’t neglect the potential of someone you normally wouldn’t connect with to be your mentor and advocate. Being a versatile and open to learning from anyone must be your fundamentals.

  1. Pursue Risks

As rightly said by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Unless you try to do something new and beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.” Life is inherently risky. You must see a risk for what it’s worth. Each and every mistake teaches us something new. If you are afraid to take risks because you are afraid of criticism then you cannot lead any project or become a successful professional. The beauty of risks is that it causes you to stretch yourself to build your capacity for even greater potential.

  1. Strive for Progress and not Perfection

Perfectionism is a dangerous confidence killer. The irony is that striving to be perfect, keeps us from getting much of anything done.

As a professional, you should be able to see and judge your progress and not how behind you are from the fantasy of perfection.

To err is human. This applies to organizations as well. Reducing the ratio of your mistakes day-by-day is a significant thing. And this is a sign of sustainable growth of your personality. Having a practical approach towards the things is paramount if you ever wish to lead any challenging tasks to the successful end.

  1. Live by Principles

Being a person of principle is a hard task. When you are in some position, you have to stand for something if you wish to see the desired results of your hard work. Those who stand for nothing will fall for anything. Your actions in moving towards your goal must not compromise on who you are.

Maintaining integrity and character is crucial to anyone concerned about creating a pathway of success and building a strong personal brand. We should also remember the fact that life’s much bigger than us. So, let us have a conviction for those things for which we deeply care about.

Be a voice of unheard. Be a person of principle.

Understanding these top-most 5 principles and acting on it should become your prime responsibility as a professional now. The reason is that thousands of project professionals from all walks of lives are inculcating these principles in their respective project management fields and changing career paths.

Global corporations around the planate are looking for a strong strategic planner project professionals. They are high in demand in every industry.

If you as a professional are good at strategic planning or feel like you do have those inherent skills to plan things then you should not stay away from polishing your strategic planning skills through the certifications, like the project management professionals which train you thoroughly to accelerate your ratio of project accomplishments.

By implementing these 5 principles outlined above, you will give yourself the skill and power to clear the way for others who follow. That is better because the capacity to transform amid societal and market challenges and disruptions is essential to your professional or organizational success — and perhaps even to its survival.

Now, it’s the time for you to turn your blood, sweat and tears into something magnificent.

We wish you a very all the best for your bright future!

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