Top 7 Tips to do Before Meeting A New Client

Top 7 Tips to do Before Meeting A New Client

When you are meeting a prospective client, first impressions stand important. A potential client is taking time to hear what your pitch is and has scheduled an in-person meeting to discuss how you might help them or hear a new business proposal. Keeping track of the client’s decision and strategies is one important thing that you must look after. From preparation to following up leads, go through every detail before you hit the client’s office. To wow the client, you need to prepare.

Here are a few things or strategies that can help you win the meeting and have the upper hand even before the discussion starts:

1. Pre-meeting preparation: Before the meeting starts, sort yourself and your thoughts to make the meeting run smoothly and keep a check on your tone and nerves. Also, review the company’s website, its Linkedin’s URL to understand the relevance of the company with the discussion that is going to take place. Companies like Tofler build pages like About us or blogs page that will give you insights into the company’s personality, its values, and key messages they want their customers to travel with. Jot down all the important concerns that may favor your discussion, keeping the client’s opinions in mind. Further, review the notes from previous meetings, if any, to determine and cross-check other issues that merit your discussion. Plan on about an hour of preparation for each meeting.

2. Figure out Few Interests: Go beyond knowing the product and services that the company offers. Demonstrate an extra step by your research and what the future growth plans can be. Impress the board members by dominating marketing benchmarks and assessing information. Also, double-check all the details such as confirming the location, time, date, dress code, etc. to have a scope of being ahead. Send clients an agenda before the meeting, what you want to discuss, and why you believe it’s important. Support the client’s interests and engage in a chit chat and do less of selling.

3. Ask the right questions: Ask open-ended questions to yield valuable insights. Make the client concerned about the organization’s vision by demonstrating your adaptive skills.

4. Find out who your competitors are: Jot down a list of your competitors that you can connect to your prospect’s sphere of influence. Make sure you know what your point of contact is.

5. Be prepared with discovery questions: Go through the company’s website and gather the information that can be utilized in your pitch. Plan the questions to ask instead of building questions through internet searches.

6. Dress for success: Your appearance, posture, body language, and gestures should be suited for the entire meeting. The client will perceive you in the first look according to your clothing. Keep it professional and appropriate.

7. Brainstorm Possible rejection scenarios: Rejection scenarios can derail potential sales as they can be weak points of friction between you and the client. Anticipate the next steps and secure a greater chance of converting a new client.

Preparation is not always fun. Success truly comes through the execution of ideas and determined progress. The hours that you spend preparing for any meeting will give you ample confidence and will leave a positive impact.


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