Top Ways to Make Your Home More Beautiful in 2020

Top Ways to Make Your Home More Beautiful in 2020

If there’s a perfect time to update your home’s interior, it’s at the beginning of a new decade. Once ten years of the same old look have passed, it’s time to roll on your favourite colours, replenish your home’s heart with your favourite kitchen ideas, and add some great pieces of art on your wall. If you are looking for the best ways to make your home more beautiful this year, here are some tips you may want to consider.

Unlock Your Colour Code

Coming up with an entirely new scheme of colours can be difficult, but a colour wheel (available in online stores) will go a long way in demonstrating how different shades enhance and complement one another to suit your design.

It is always important to narrow your choice down to about three colours: the main hue, a contrast, and highlight. Some colours that are tipped to be on the trend this year include baby blue and neo-mint green.

In case you find yourself stuck, search for ornaments, art, and fabrics with a combination of colours which are pleasing to you and use them as your 2020 inspiration when decorating your home.


This year’s trends and designs are not necessarily about colour only. Texture is being increasingly used to enhance the look of a home. A suitable option may be layering up different textures in very similar colours. It is a suitable approach, especially if you love neutrals, so you don’t have to use too many colours. Cushions and blankets are a suitable way to go about this in your living room, but for other rooms, you can try creating textures with plants, prints, as well as curated knick knacks.

Contemporary Fireplaces

Cosy, decorative, functional, and statement-making, a fireplace is most certainly the centerpiece of your living room. How your fireplace looks can determine the way your space will appear and feel, so it is imperative to make it as beautiful as it can be. From electric fires and artificial gas to roaring open inglenooks and rustic wood burners, there is a style that fits your living room. For 2020, you should consider an elegant design that best suits your home.

Keep Accents in Focus

Walnut trims and the grey furniture accents will create a defined edge to the interior of your home, so you’ll need to be disciplined about what it is you want to retain or let go.

A space that is cluttered does not evoke a sense of calm, so you’ll need to box up all the clutter and take them out of your room. You can then sort the items carefully and choose only the ones that will improve the new look of your home.


There are various ways you can make your home beautiful, and the above are some of the ideas you may want to consider. The good thing about a home project is that you can always tweak it to your liking with the above tips coming in handy.


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