Track BP More Effectively With google Fit Blood Pressure Monitor

Track BP More Effectively With google Fit Blood Pressure Monitor

Google Fit Activity Detection app is one of the most popular fitness app available today. It is compatible with over 40+ fitness app and you can sync your fitness data from these apps for free. It helps you to track all your fitness data in a single app.

Google Fit help you to track multiple physical activities such as Steps, Cycling, Weight, Blood Pressure, etc. If you want to monitor heart rate and peripheral blood oxygen level, then you must have one best Fitness Tracker with sensors. In this article, I will help you to track your blood pressure more effectively with Google Fit Blood Pressure Monitor.


Google Fit Weight Management

Kidney Patients and Cardiac patients need to monitor their weight on a daily basis to avoid any further complications on their disease conditions. Weight gain on such patients is not a good sign and they may need immediate medical attention in case of a weight gain in a very short period of time.

Your doctor may also advise you to maintain a daily chart on your vital signs such as BP, Pulse Rate, Blood Sugar, Weight, etc. And you need to maintain all these vital data accurately without an error for proper treatment and faster recovery from the disease.


So in this article, I will help to understand how to maintain a chart on your weight with Google Fit compatible weighing scale in a systematic and scientific way.

How to Monitor Your Weight With Google Fit App

Google Fit is a fantastic app from Google which can track your steps, weight, blood pressure and various other activities for free. To track your BP automatically, you need to have a Google Fit Compatible Weight Machine which you can get from an online or offline shop.

If you do not have a Google Fit Compatible Weight Machine, then you can enter it manually on your Google Fit App. Later you can view the data on a weekly or monthly base.

It will be helpful for your doctor to make a better decision based on your detailed and systematic BP chart.

How to Track Your Weight in a Smarter Way

To track your weight in a smarter way you must have a Google Fit Compatible weighing scale.

Here I have WeighSmart Bluetooth Weighing Scale which is one and only Google Fit Compatible weighting Scale currently available in India.

To automatically record your weight, you must download the WeighSmart app into your Google Fit compatible smartphone. Once you downloaded the app, you have to connect the WeighSmart Bluetooth Weighing Scale with your smartphone. This procedure is as simple as sending a file from one mobile to another mobile through Bluetooth connectivity.

After connecting the Google Fit Compatible weight machine and smartphone, you can sit and relax. Every time when you step into the weight scale, it will automatically display your weight on the WeightSmart App as well as on the machine. Simultaneously it will save your weight on the SmartWeight App as well as on the Google Fit app.

At any time you can see your weight over a desired period of time. Let it be weekly or monthly data.

The WeightSmart claims that they do not store your data on their server to protect the privacy of the users.

Notice: At the time of writing this article, Weight Smart Bluetooth Weight Machine does not support iOS devices. But very soon they will make the machine compatible with iOS devices as well.

Traditional Way Of Google Fit Blood Pressure Monitoring

Alternatively, you can enter the weight manually into Google Fit app if you do not want to buy a Google Fit Compatible Weight Scale. But it required you to check the weight on a manual weighing scale and then you need to enter it into the app manually.

Still, the app shows you a detailed insight into your weight during a given period of time. That is also exactly same as that of data which you have collected through a Bluetooth Weight Machine.

Follow the steps below to add your weight into Google Fit App.

  1. Open Google Fit app and tap on the ‘+’ symbol which you can see at the home page of the app.
  2. As you tap on the plus sign a new menu will open up and now tap on “Add Weight”.
  3. On the newly opened page, you will get the option to enter weight along with date and time and just enter the weight and other details over there.
  4. Done.


Now your job has finished and the Google Fit app will do the rest for you. After entering the data it will show the data in a systematic way. This feature is very helpful for the patients especially Kidney Patients. They need to check their weight daily base to avoid other complications.

I think this article on Google Fit Weight Monitoring is useful in maintaining and recording your weight chart in a scientific and systematic way. If you have any thoughts on this, please feel free to comment below.


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