How to Transform Your Home and Garden to Help It Sell Quicker

How to Transform Your Home and Garden to Help It Sell Quicker

So you’ve decided it’s time to move on from your current home but it’s currently stagnating on the market and despite your estate agent’s best efforts it doesn’t seem to be moving.

Perhaps you’re wanting to upsize due to a growing family, or the opposite, your family has grown up and it’s time to downsize and release some of the equity in your home. Whatever the reason, selling your property doesn’t have to have to be a long and drawn-out process. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to transform your home in no time at all and have it snapped up off the market.


Give Everything a Lick of Paint

And keep things neutral. Neutral colours help potential buyers to look beyond the home’s current décor and allows them to picture things how they would have it. Also, whites, creams and beiges can make things look much brighter and bigger so is ideal for smaller-sized homes.

Get Rid of the Clutter

Personalisation is great when staging your home for potential buyers, however, clutter is not. Of course, you need to make it stand out, but this can be done with accessories (see below). Think of all the other things that might be distracting potential buyers. Is your dining table covered in magazines and letters? Is there laundry hanging in your living space? Is there old furniture stashed in a corner somewhere taking up valuable space? If so, get rid! If you can’t bear to be separated from your possessions, rent a storage unit until you decide what to do with them. Decluttering is also great for the mind too!

Remember the Finishing Touches

When putting your home on the market, it’s important to remember the finishing touches as these can make or break your properties saleability. Think extra throw cushions on bedding, matching blankets and seasonal flowers to really polish things off. And always ensure your home is smelling good, a simple plugin will work wonders, or, if you have one, turn on the diffuser. Home accessories like rugs can also create added depth to a room, especially if it’s in a contrasting colour. Take a look at some of these fabulous transformations and pay special attention to the added extras that really complete the looks.


Lighting is key. If a room looks dull no one is going to want to live in it. Even if it’s a grim day outside, you can always brighten up your living space with different kinds of lighting. For brightening, I always recommend using spotlighting, but if you have certain features in your home you want to highlight, such as bare brick, recessed lighting can work much better. If you’re in a cosy living space or office, you may want to consider a fancy lamp which doubles as a great accessory. Under-cabinet lighting works great in a kitchen too, if you want to make things a little funkier, you can have it in a nice blue or purple hue. Read home lighting ideas, tips from experts on how to light your home at modern architecture blog The Design Story.

Do Some Landscaping

You don’t have to be a gardening enthusiast to spruce things up and you can do this in a sunny afternoon. Size also doesn’t matter, get yourself on Pinterest and you’ll see hundreds if not thousands of ideas for small gardens – think about recycling old wooden furniture to make planters or using diagonal paving to create the illusion of a small space. Most importantly though, ensure you look after your garden, even if it’s just a plain old lawn with some fancy decking and a few flowers or plants. Ensure you’re using a drip irrigation system to make sure that the ground is maintained and nourished, will make your land look far more appealing, especially if you live in a particularly arid area.

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Do Some Maintenance

Little fixes here and there can make all the difference. If your door handles are looking a bit worn or there are chips in tiles and cracks in walls, get them fixed. You don’t have to be a genius at DIY or spend a fortune either on these little touches and prospective buyers will absolutely notice things. Also, get your home inspected for more serious issues such as damp and, if there’s an issue, remedy it. Big underlying issues like this can send buyers running into the hills.

Try to Avoid Common Mistakes

If you’re new to selling a property then it’s likely you’ll be on a bit of a learning curve throughout the whole process and sometimes it’s easy to make mistakes. However, some mistakes can be worse than others which is why we put together this guide to help you with your home improvement; scrimping on your windows and overlooking the importance of preparation can really hinder a project.


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