How To Have Two WhatsApp Accounts on a One iPhone

How To Have Two WhatsApp Accounts on a One iPhone

Messaging apps really are becoming quite popular these days as more and more people live their social lives online. WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging apps because it offers many features that make it an easy app to use. It’s easy to set up calling groups and add friends and family to the app, and it’s easy to keep in contact. Some people use WhatsApp for both their personal lives and business, and others have two or more separate groups of friends that they want to keep separate. The official WhatsApp app only allows you to run one account at a time on your iPhone, but it is possible to have two or more, and we’re going to show you how.

How to Run Multiple WhatsApp Apps on Your iPhone

You can do this in three ways, two using unofficial apps and one using an official iOS app store app. Pick your method and follow the guide:

Method 1: WhatsApp++:

WhatsApp++ is a tweaked version of the stock app, tweaked to provide some extra features and useful functionality that really should have been included in the official app. You can only install WhatsApp++ using an unofficial app store, and the first one we are going to use is called AppValley. This alternative to the app store provides many tweaked stock apps and loads of modified stock games, all for free. It is easy to use, so let’s get started:

  1. Use the Safari browser on your iPhone to open the official AppValley download page Please do not use any other link you find on the internet, as this is the official link and has been tested for security and safety.
  2. Download AppValley on to your device, following the instructions with the app and then open it from your home screen
  3. An Untrusted Developer error will appear – not the name of the developer in the message and then close it
  4. Open Settings > General > Profiles and find the developer in the profiles list. Tap it and tap Trust – close Settings and go back to AppValley
  5. Open it again and search for WhatsApp++
  6. Tap install and then wait; the WhatsApp++ icon will appear on your home screen.

Now you can set up the second WhatsApp account and run both simultaneously.

Method 2: Using TutuApp

This is the second of our unofficial app stores. TutuApp is one of the oldest, once being a repository for modified apps and games in Cydia. Now it will work on any device without a jailbreak and offers a couple of thousand apps and games for free, many modified with new features, along with some Cydia tweaks too. What sets it apart from the other third-party options is that it offers several different versions of WhatsApp, each modified in a different way, so you can have multiple versions of the app:

  1. Download TutuApp from the official website, using Safari browser on your iPhone
  2. Open the app, note the developer in the Untrusted Developer error message and close it
  3. Open Settings, go to General and then Profiles and Device Management
  4. Find and tap the developer name and trust it
  5. Close Settings and open TutuApp again
  6. Search for WhatsApp, and several results will appear
  7. Download as many as you want to your device

In this way, you can open and run multiple WhatsApp apps on your iPhone at the same time.

Method 3: Using Parallel Space

Parallel Space is an official iOS app that you can download from the app store. What the app does is clones WhatsApp, or any other social media app that you may be using on your iPhone. Be aware that it is free but only for three days. After that, to retain your cloned apps, you will need to purchase the app at $9.99. It will work on iOS 11 or above:

  1. Open the app store on your iPhone and find Parallel Space; download it
  2. Open Parallel Space from your home screen and allow the permissions it requests. This is likely to be access to your camera, microphone, iPhone storage, and your contacts app – because it can be used for cloning other social media apps that also need contacts access, it will ask for the same permissions. If you don’t allow the permissions, the app will not work properly
  3. Now every app on your iPhone will be listed in Parallel Space; tap on WhatsApp, and it will be cloned and installed on your device

You can do this as many times as you want and have multiple WhatsApp apps on your device, but, as I said earlier, if you don’t pay the app price, your clones will disappear.

These are the best ways to install more than one WhatsApp on your iPhone and use them all at the same time. The standard app requires that you log out of one before you log into the next – using these methods eliminates that requirement. Each can be set up to run exactly how you want them, and the best bit is, you no longer have to jailbreak to do this. All you need to do is ensure that you have enough space to run the number of WhatsApp apps that you want – if you don’t, do a little housekeeping, and remove anything that you no longer need or use.

With the exception of Parallel Space, these methods are unofficial, provided by third-party developers. Both AppValley and TutuApp are unofficial app stores, direct competition for Apple, and both providing a huge choice of apps and games for free. Apple will never allow this type of content into the app store, so you can only download them externally – that is why it is important that you only use the official download links. There are lots of websites that claim to have the download link; some will be fake, some will try to charge you, and some will be nothing more than adware sites.

All methods produce excellent results, so pick one and give it a go.


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