Types of Drone Cameras Used in Aerial Photography

Types of Drone Cameras Used in Aerial Photography

When observing the sky, you can appreciate the beauty of some elements of nature, such as clouds, sun and stars. But now in 2019, how can you appreciate the elements of the earth from the sky? Drones with digital cameras allow a clear view from heaven to earth in real time by capturing aerial images in different angles.

The drone cameras have given a strong attraction to the general public. So there are now many models of drones with cameras and you need to be aware of them all. Make it sure to check the buyers trend of market as well. This will allow you to choose the right drone camera for your aerial photography needs and requirements.

Aerial Photography Needs and Choice of Drone Cameras

It is clear that you have decided to buy a drone that has a camera to record videos and take pictures. The point is that you don’t know very well what you have to look for when choosing one. These flying machines allow us to inspect the environment from above and take great videos and aerial photographs. And one of the most important things in recent years is that a drone with acceptable quality now costs relatively little, so it has never been a better time to fly through the skies.


Whether you’re thinking of renewing a drone you currently have or buying your first drone, you need to know where to start. We will analyze the different types of drones provided with a camera to choose the characteristics to consider and the price range that you can find.

Different Types of Drone Cameras

Below are very basics types of drone cameras that can be used for aerial photography and in some other fields of life as well.


We will start with the drones of initiation, this type of drones, as its name suggests, are specially designed for those people who are starting to fly. They are the most economical drones and have good resistance to shocks, and most of them have brush / Ed motors. With them we will begin to gain flight experience, which will allow us to have more security and control over the drone when it is at a certain distance and / or height.

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Some of these drones have built-in flight attendants and various speeds, which makes learning more complete and makes them ideal for starting with our first flights.


These types of drones are usually small, mostly of carbon fiber and with high power engines that reach up to 200km / h. As you can imagine, these drones require a high level of piloting to control them.

To fly these drones, it is necessary to install a real-time retransmission camera (or FPV camera), which will transmit the image to glasses with a screen (similar to virtual reality glasses), which will allow us to fly the drone as if we were inside, in the purest Star Wars style.


Undoubtedly photography and video are the most widespread use in the world of drones, both to make a simple photo for social networks, and to take shots in large open spaces. But … where do we start.

There are many types of drones and cameras that we can use for drone aerial photography. So from cheap drones with WiFi cameras that are displayed on our mobile phone, to professional film recording drones, which present up to their own camera stabilizer, through FPV cameras used in the racing drones.


These types of drones are intended to facilitate work not only in photography and video, but also with other cameras such as thermal, infrared or multispectral, and we can perform precision agriculture, safety, firefighting, etc. Here thing that important is whenever we see any drone around use, we relate it professional photography only. Yes there are different types of drone photography is there, but still it has very vast use.

The vast majority of these drones are tailor-made depending on the work for which they will be used. They are designed a specific chassis (with a tank to sulfate if it is for agricultural use, to carry a float in case it is a rescue drone or to transport fire extinguishing powder). In addition to the chassis, the drone and the transmitter or command must also be configured specifically for the usefulness of the drone (spray the pesticide, release the float or release the extinguishing powder, according to the previous examples).

These drones have brushless motors, in this way they have the power necessary to lift any type of load that is incorporated. Its dimensions, as you can imagine, sometimes exceed two meters in diameter. But as we said before, they are intended for professional use.



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