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Types of Bets in the NFL

You can wager on the NFL in a number of different ways. You can also place a variety of various types of bets on the NFL. To do this you must understand the NFL odds. I look at eight different types of bets you may make on the NFL in the article below.


Spread Betting in the NFL

This is without a doubt the most common method of wagering on NFL football odds. The point spread is determined by making one team the favorite by a specific amount of points. To cover and pay out, that team must win by more than those points (the spread). Unless the winning margin is precisely the same as the spread, the underdog covers. If it happens, the game is called a tie and all bets are refunded.

Betting on the NFL Moneyline

People used to wager on the moneyline before the point spread was devised, and they still do. All you have to do to place a moneyline wager is pick the team you feel will win the game outright. The moneyline favorite, unlike the spread, is not given a points handicap to overcome in order to pay up, and the underdog must win the game.

Totals in the NFL

Betting on NFL totals is similar to betting on the point spread, except you’re betting on whether the aggregate final score of a game will go over or under the total set by the oddsmakers, rather than on a team to cover. Because of this, the total is often known as the over/under. Weather, injuries, and the caliber of the teams in question can all influence totals.

NFL Prop Betting

A proposition bet is a type of side bet that requires you to wager on something other than the game’s final outcome. In the NFL, they’re usually in the form of prop bets on individual players or teams, such as how many passing yards or touchdowns a quarterback will throw in a game or if a safety will be scored. One of the best times to bet on props in football is during the Super Bowl. This is a time when there are multiple props for things that do not happen on the field. One of the most popular bets during the Super Bowl surrounds the length of the National Anthem.

Parlay Betting in the NFL

A parlay bet is made up of two or more separate wagers that are tied together. Rather than betting on a succession of separate outcomes, you can combine them all into a parlay and win large if they all come true. The more bets or games you add, the higher your payoff becomes. On a 12-team parlay, if any one wager loses, the entire parlay loses, but if they all win, you can win almost 2,300 times your original stake.

Teaser Betting in the NFL

A teaser bet is a sort of a parlay in which each spread or total is adjusted by a set number of points, making each side easier to cover. In exchange for lessening the risk, you’ll get a reduced payoff on your winning teasers. Standard NFL teasers can include two to ten wagers, and the lines can be teased by 6, 6.5, or 7 points; the fewer points teased, the larger the rewards.

Betting on NFL Futures

You can wager on the outcome of a future event, like who you think will win the Super Bowl. You can also wager on the outcome of each conference and division. These futures bets are usually available all year and can result in large payouts if a dark horse outperforms the rest of the field.

Round Robin Betting in the NFL

A round robin bet generates numerous parlays dependent on the number of NFL lines you choose. Instead of making a three-team parlay, you can use the round robin to build three different two-team parlays if there are three lines you wish to wager on. You can choose from three to eight lines and two to seven teams for your round robin wagers; a round robin with eight lines and four teams will give you an astonishing 70 potential parlays to bet on all at once.


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