How Should You Use Guest Posting to Boost Your SEO?

How Should You Use Guest Posting to Boost Your SEO?

Several users across the internet, often face a problem with the high level of traffic. Guest posting is the solution to this problem because it not only helps in growing the audiences by boosting the SEO but also drives traffic to the site. When a person posts on the blog of another person as a guest is called Guest Posting. One will have to contribute content to a person’s blog, and in return, he/she will get wider exposure and, an external backlink to his or her blog.


Even if one manages to publish a work by the editor, those irrelevant site’s links will not provide long time SEO benefits. Only reputed authorities within the user’s industry must be targeted for the publications. Any spammy content farms must be strictly avoided in this case. The best possible known way to judge the authoritative of the site is to ask one’s own self because it solely depends on the user’s comfortability of sharing an article from this particular publication with his or her friends and social media professional connections. If the user thinks it is not right, he or she must keep on looking. A through research must be done about the best guest post website before proceeding further because a good guest post site will definitely offer something more than just growth of SEO.

Identifying guidelines:

Several tools, like MozBar, can be used to link metrics, which in no time will show the user that the article links are whether internal or external and follow or nofollow. The follow links that carry link juice into new sites through the sites are more likely to build SEO by enabling the user to get valuable referral traffic to create leads. The contextual links of the guest post must be allowed. It plays a big role in the SEO efforts, and also helps in boosting CTR, which provides a great user experience by offering extra valuable information to the user. It also helps Google to set up a relevancy factor. In SEO, Backlinks are considered to be the most important ranking factors.

The indispensable Optimization Factors:

There are SEO factors that are absolutely necessary and must not be ignored at any cost. In order to avoid a penalty, keywords or phrases used must fit the search intent of the user naturally. Using long-tail keywords can be done. It is best to use 60 characters in the title. Overusing of certain keywords must be avoided, and thoroughly informative and original content must be used. The user can include image alt tags because they tend to rank better. Using a keyword phrase in the meta description can help in boosting SEO. Using SEMrush and Google Analytics can help to get the most out of every article.

Link placement: 

According to the context, the user’s link will be placed ideally within the body of the article. The common biographical paragraph of the Guest Post speaks about the user’s background or the background of the company. The author includes a link in the bio explaining their background, typically. The blogger must be asked for the link that will consist of the value to the post and the reader. It is not only good for the enhancement of SEO but also will more likely to be clicked by the readers actually.


To give a push to the growth of SEO of the company, he or she must hire guest posting. It will not only boost the SEO but also will also widen the exposure of the company and will enable the people across the internet to locate it more easily. The anchor text in SEO like the branded, partial match, keyword-rich, URL and white noise has a huge impact on ranking too.


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