Useful Approaches to Overcome Sleep Addiction

When it comes to sleep. everyone has their own patterns and sleep issues that they face. Some are deprived of sleep, while others tend to oversleep, a habit that can worsen if it is not stopped or underlying conditions are solved effectively. Sleep addiction denies most people of their beautyrest, the reason being instead of being healthy and energized after a good night’s sleep they feel fatigued. If you suffer from sleep addiction you are often tired and drowsy most of the time. Here are some useful ways to be able to overcome sleep addiction that has worked for other people.

Change your mindset

The mindset you have does not only affect your day to day outcomes but comes handy as well in your sleeping health. Most of the people that tend to suffer from sleep addiction have a negative mindset about sleep. Basically, having a shift towards this mindset is a useful way to counter the problem. Thinking that you are sleep deprived in comparison to others, or you can’t help but sleep at a specific time. These are wrong thoughts that put you in a cycle of desiring more sleep. Have a positive outlook and assure yourself that the average hours of sleep are enough for you to be productive a whole day.

Find your excitement

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On the assumption that you have no motivation in what you do. Being groggy during the day and as you go to sleep at night is expected. When you get a source of excitement, for instance, a job you love, a pet, an exercise regime they are useful motivations that will help you overcome sleep addiction. However, your sort of excitement should be great enough to help you cease this habit. Another tip in line with this is getting to see how much you can get done or achieve on the excess time you use over sleeping in a day.


Decrease sleep duration

A step at a time will be very important at this stage. When you have made a decision to change. Do not just go all in, to making resolutions that you will sleep a certain number of hours. Shorten your sleeping hours gradually every week and you will achieve the ultimate goal. Starting with a cut of 30 minutes to an hour every week is a brilliant step. Hence, due to the belief that you need at least 21 days for a body to accustom to a new habit. In 3 weeks you will have achieved a perfect sleep routine ritual. It is crucial to have small naps to boost your body through this transition.

Have a sleep schedule

Setting a specific time to sleep and wake up is very effective to overcome sleep addiction. As a matter of fact, it will help you be at par with your circadian rhythm that is your biological clock that runs fast or slow depending on the habit you have set for yourself. Therefore, with a specific sleep schedule, you are able to determine the timings with the help of circadian rhythm. Through this, the addiction shades off slowly.

Determine to wake up

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Being determined to wake up helps you make a decision to change from sleep addiction. Not only will this decision change your sleep lifestyle but it will also change your life in many ways. Considering oversleeping is a way of escaping from problems, challenges, and reality. Taking the first step in determining to wake up will help you be in a better position to solve any situations you could be facing and be able to fully overcome sleep addiction.

Check your sleep obsession

No one is born as a sleep addict. There must have been a reason that addiction becomes a part of your life. For instance, maybe it started as you seek a way to relax during weekends, stress, bad lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking at night. All this may have led to your sleep obsession. Hence, once you are able to know your ‘why’ you are on the right path to improving your sleeping habits. Exposing yourself to sunlight and having a consistent sleep routine helps you have a healthy sleep cycle.

Have an exercise routine

Exercise has diverse benefits. Improving one’s mood and a boost in your mental health is one of them. If you are struggling with sleep addiction start an exercise routine for just 20 minutes to 30 minutes a day and witness how your mood is elevated and you feel more relaxed. This is because of the released endorphin chemical that is also called the feel-good hormone. Since you are getting a boost in your self-esteem you can be able to plan your time and have better work done other than sleeping. Exercise also helps you sleep soundly and faster, hence in the morning you do not feel the need for more sleep.

Sleep early and adequately

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By shifting your lifestyle habits you will be able to get adequate nighttime sleep. Seven to nine hours of sleep are a useful way to overcome your addiction. Also, make sure you follow through with it to be able to achieve great progress. Moving over to an earlier bedtime is a great approach to getting to a consistent sleep regime. These small adjustments will assist greatly in your sleep addiction journey to getting you back on track. The changes might require some sacrifices on some of your lifestyle and habits, but they will be rewarded at the end.


In summary, most people have days when they feel sleepy and when it is embraced and overdone it leads to addiction. A small percentage, however, gets addicted to sleeping and it gets in the way of their productivity at work or school, leisure activities and even self-responsibility. Therefore, ensure you have a sleep pattern, and it will help boost your mood and make you less groggy. The above approaches are useful to combat your Sleep addiction and improve your day to day life.


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