What Is DA PA? - A Complete Guide for Beginners

What Is DA PA? – A Complete Guide for Beginners

Consider that you have recently started a website. You will be wondering that how on earth you can move up your domain in search engine ranks? Search engine optimization or SEO are the techniques which help you to increase non-paid reach in search results. In simple words, SEO enables the search engines to reach the targeted audience for the content. Well, you must be asking yourself how can you know of your website has enough visibility to the audience? DA and PA are the best buddies for the computer geeks.

Anyone who owns a website cannot ignore the importance of Domain Authority and Page Authority. DA and PA are measuring standards to calculate the relevance of a website to its niche. If you are a new website owner you might wonder what these two terms have to do with your website. Let me be your teacher today. I’ll tell you about the role of DA and PA in your website career performance.

What are Domain Authority and Page Authority?

Domain refers to an address of a website on the internet. You can understand that Domain Authority is associated with websites. Domain Authority Checker is a software that makes it easy to understand ranking score of website. Similarly, Page Authority is the probability score of a specific webpage. PA is based on several factors. For example, a number of links attached to the webpage and Trust Score. More than 40 other factors are calculated to predict the probability score of a webpage. These factors when combined predict the prominence score of a webpage.

What role do DA and PA play in the ranking of a site?

As I told you earlier that DA and PA are the measuring tools for the websites. DA denotes Domain Authority while PA denotes Page Authority. DA measures the visibility of a site on search engines. DA is usually measured on a scale which has 1-100 counts. When a new website kicks start, the DA of the website is usually low. It ranges between 15 to 25. As the website builds over the passage of time, the DA of the website also increases. Top websites like Google and Blogger have DA of 100. Let us have a glimpse of PA Now. Page authority as the name suggests is the prominence score of individual pages of a website. Website holders can check the PA score of single webpages of their websites. In short words, DA and PA scores will tell you how the search engines will show your website and its content pages in search results.

Factors which affect Domain Authority

You should be fully aware of the fact that attaining a high Domain Authority score is a laborious job. It needs non-stop hard work to go near the DA score of 100. New domains have a low DA score which is usually below 40. As a website makes an impression in the cyber world its DA score improves and raises up to 50. The real hard work starts after the achievement of a score of 50. It may take years for a website to crawl towards the high DA score. Let me tell you about those 5 factors which affect the DA score of a website.

  • Age of A Website: As I told you new domains have low DA score in comparison to older domains. A new domain has a low DA score owing to low activity and exposure to the audience.
  • User Experience: All the content you post on your website is supposed to entertain and inform the audience. If your website does not possess a user-friendly interface, the users will not dare to click at your site again. You will lose a huge amount of traffic which will affect your DA score in the long run.
  • Quality of the Content: Did you ever analyze your searches at Google? For example, you are searching for your celebrity crush. Google will show you the relevant people, news, pictures and events about your search. Search engines always show the most relevant and fresh content to their users. You should post regularly to keep your domain active. The content should be fresh and relevant to your niche.
  • Linked Domain Roots: Websites connects to other sites to maximize search engine optimization. These links which connect a domain to other sites are known as Domain Roots. The higher number of domain roots ensure high search engine connectivity.
  • Coding of a Website: Would you like to ride a bike with a bad engine quality? I know you will never choose a bike which is difficult to ride. The same thing applies on websites with relevance to the search engines. Along with the user interface, the coding structure of your website should be SEO friendly. There is no need to put unnecessary and poorly formatted codes on your website. Poor coding structure of a website delays the loading of the website.

Keep these factors in your mind if you want to increase your DA in the long run.

Factors Which Affect Page Authority

A domain is divided into small parts or fragments. These parts are called webpages. These pages add value to the domain. If you want to grab a good rank for your domain, you have to work harder on single pages of your domain. Page Authority predicts the probability strength of a single page of a website. Here I will tell you what factors can affect your page authority.

  • Seo Optimization of Page: While designing any page of your domain keep the Seo factor in mind. Arrange the keywords and coding structure for the page properly. Search engine bots access the pages of a domain to display in the search results. Unfriendly code formatting and misuse of keywords affect the prominence visibility of a page.
  • The Number of Inbound Links: You should put a good amount of inbound links in pages of your domain. Inbound links enhance the internal connectivity of a website. They also increase the strength of a page.

Domain authority takes years to achieve its highest potential. However, the Page Authority of any page can grow faster.

How Can You Check Domain Authority and Page Authority of A Website?

You can check the DA and PA of your domain by using a DA and PA Checker. A lot of DA and PA checkers are available online but I will suggest you use my favorite tool. A few days ago, I came across a site. It offers more than 75 free online tools including DA and PA checker. You can choose any of the tools. Here is your guide using tools of.

  • Type the URL www.prepostseo.com in the search box of your browser. Your browser will direct you to the home page of the site.
  • You will see the popular SEO and Plagiarism tools on the homepage. You can also search your desired tool in the search box. You can see that all the domain tools are assorted on the top of the home page.
  • To check DA of a site, you have to open the DA Authority Checker at www.prepostseo.com.
  • Type or paste your domain addresses in the domain authority checker. You can check up to 10 domains at a time in the DA checker. It shows the results in the table form on the computer screen. You can also download the report in an Excel sheet.
  • Similarly, open the PA checker from the www.prepostseo.com and type the address of your webpage.
  • PA checker works exactly like the DA checker. You can check the page authority of up to 10 webpages at a time.

If you aim at making your website a huge success you should pay heed to the DA and PA of your website.


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