Which Virtual Reality Glasses are popular in 2021

Which Virtual Reality Glasses are popular in 2021


Pico G2

The Pico G2 4K is the most popular rental VR headset. The Pico G2 4K is often used for events, playing 360 videos and training. These glasses are distinguished by a 4K screen. Another advantage is that the headset material consists of PU leather, a type of plastic. This makes the headset easy to clean, which is not an unnecessary luxury in view of corona. Some VR headsets feel heavy on the head, but this is not the case with the Pico headset, because the weight in the headband is well distributed. All this makes Pico a very suitable standalone VR headset.


  • High image resolution
  • Easy to clean
  • Weight well distributed over the head


  • Not all VR applications are available on the Pico platform.
  • More information about renting the Pico G2 4K

Oculus Go

The Oculus Go is the most popular pair of glasses among consumers. This is partly due to the large amount of content available in the Oculus Store. The headset is also easy to put on and suitable for working in large groups. A disadvantage is that the Oculus Go’s face mask is made of fabric and therefore more difficult to clean. That is why an extra hygiene mask is recommended for this headset to be put on before a user puts the glasses on his or her head. Another big disadvantage is that after December 2020, no updates will be possible for this VR headset. You can rent the Oculus Go at Flexitrent!


  • Lots of existing content available in the Oculus Store
  • Sit comfortably


  • Face mask made of fabric, making it difficult to clean.
  • No new updates possible after 31-12-2020

PC VR Headsets

PC VR headsets are headsets that can only be used in combination with a computer. The advantage of this is that heavier content can be played than with the aforementioned standalone VR headsets. It is also easy to watch on a screen with the operations of the VR headset.

PC VR headsets are priced relatively higher than standalone headsets and more time is required to boot a PC VR headset. Below is information about the two most rented PC VR headsets.

HTC Vive Pro

The HTC Vive Pro is ideal for training and simulations, among other things. This headset has a built-in headset, so no external sound is required. An HTC Vive Pro works with base stations that need to be set up. This creates a playing field in which to walk around. An advantage of base stations is that the playing field does not have to be set up every day. It does take a relatively long time to set up the HTC Vive Pro, compared to other headsets. Flexitrent.com has a broad range of PC VR headsets available for rent.


  • Remember playing field
  • Easy to clean
  • Built-in headphones
  • Easy to watch on a big screen


  • Takes a relatively large amount of set-up time
  • Takes up a relatively large amount of space

Epson Moverio

Epson has expanded its range of AR glasses with the Moverio BT-30C smart glasses. The new glasses differ from previous models in that they can be connected directly to an Android smartphone or Windows PC. The Moverio BT-30C offers, according to Epson, the viewing experience of a large screen. The image is projected in front of the user’s eyes via OLED displays and a prism system, while the user also continues to see the entire environment.


  • Remember playing field
  • Easy to clean


  • Not all VR applications are available on the Epson platform.

Google Glass

Google Glass was a misleading one when it was first drafted. Having features like recording video or capturing images without even notifying people nearby made the device unpleasant for users. Google has come up with something for this. Taking advantage of Google’s artificial intelligence and features such as customizing Glass as needed, it is now perfectly suited for doctors, technicians or entrepreneurs and others. It allows them to use both hands to work while staying connected to the virtual world to make things more productive and efficient.


  • High tech artificial intelligence and features
  • More productive and efficient


  • Took a long time before they could launch a proper Google Glass model.

Vuzix Blade AR

Vuzix Blade AR took the place that Google Glass left a few years ago. However, it has an integrated display in the center of the glass rather than an awkward independent display in the corner. It uses Alexa to perform the basic operations and can also be paired with smartphones. In addition, unlike Google Glass, the Vuzix Blade has a red indicator on the AR glasses to let everyone know if the camera is on.

In this article we hope to have given you a good idea of ​​both the difference between standalone and PC VR headsets and the differences between headsets themselves.


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