Who Is To Be Blamed for a Slip and Fall Injury in White Plains 

A slip and fall injury in White Plains can have multiple repercussions. This city happens to be one of the busiest suburbs in New York, with hundreds of offices and commercial spaces located every square kilometer. CampGroup, Paxar, Bunge, and some major Fortune 500 companies have their offices here. Daytime average weekday population is estimated to be over 250,000.

While some owners are mindful of how their premises are kept, some workplaces are often too busy, and any litter or spill on the floor could lead to anyone slipping and falling. Some falls are quick to recover from, while others can be pretty serious, sending the injured person into recovery for weeks. Who is to be blamed for such accidents? White Plains Slip and Fall Lawyers will be able to help you find that out.

The Business Owner

The owner of the premises or the person in charge of the maintenance or upkeep of the premises can be held responsible for slips and falls. If the floor is wet, a sign must be put up to warn the people around.

If there is an oil spill or a spill from a beverage, that should be mopped up immediately. If slippery objects from an overflowing trash can like a banana peel or a candy wrapper are there on the floor, clearing them out immediately is essential.

These and many more similar scenarios can result in the person in charge to be held responsible for negligence. The injured person can demand compensation if he can provide evidence.

The charges will go up if the person in charge was aware of the premises’ unkempt nature and had still not taken adequate measures to ensure its cleanliness and safety.

The Injured

The injured person might be held responsible if he had unethically entered the premises. Certain people are licensed to enter commercial premises like cleaners, delivery boys, and even electricians.

Some guests are invited, which means they could come into the premises to keep an appointment. The rest might already work there as it happens to be their regular office. However, if the person is a trespasser, and had some insidious idea for entering, then the injured can also be held responsible, depending on the circumstance.

Even if they are not held responsible, the person in charge of the premises is not required to pay him compensation. The injured will also be held accountable if they had disregarded any warning signs or caution messages the person in charge might have sent out.

The person in charge of the premises might be held responsible, subject to evidence if the injured is a child and there was something on the premises which might have attracted the child’s attention.

White Plains Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers will be able to investigate these matters and ascertain the nature of the negligence. In case of a significant incident, specific nuances can make or break the case, and the lawyer is the best person to gather the necessary evidence and present it in the court of law.

Either party will blame the other, but an experienced lawyer will see the matter for what it is and establish the nature of guilt to ensure that law prevails.


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