You can leave a fortune here: the largest casino in the world

You can leave a fortune here: the largest casino in the world

Description: This leaves a fortune: the largest casino in the world. Where is the largest casino in the world? Why is it famous? People can earn a fortune and immediately lose everything.

You might be surprised since the biggest casino is not in Las Vegas at all but in the administrative district of China Macau. This place is the largest gaming center in Asia and the world.

The biggest casino is called “The Venetian.” This gambling house costs 2.4 billion dollars and is not the only largest casino, but in general one of the largest buildings in the world. If you want to understand the magnitude, imagine that the area of “The Venetian” can be exceeded only by 6 buildings, including airports and plant airline “Boeing.”


“The Venetian” is a skyscraper with 39 floors, 3000 hotel rooms, entertainment arena, designed for 15 thousand spectators, 350 shops, 30 restaurants, snack bars, and SPA. The total area of this complex is 980 thousand square meters. The game zone covers 275,000 square meters and includes 3,400 gaming machines and 800 gaming tables. There are a lot of visitors here. Some of them just come to watch, because the entrance is completely free. However, it is extremely difficult to restrain from taking part in the game at 918KISS . It also hosts various events, carnivals and beauty contests.

No face control and dress code

In addition to bars and cafes, this gaming complex has a lot of platforms for performances, where best circus and dance groups from all over the world show their performances.

Therefore, even a person who lost everything will have an opportunity to raise mood and charge it with positive emotions. Moreover, if you are lucky and win a good prize, the impressions will generally beat over the edge.

There are no face control and no dress code. Therefore, you can come even in the shale. The most important thing is to play and bet) However, in any case, visitors pass through metal detectors to eliminate the presence of weapons. They say it is done in order so that the loser does not have the opportunity to shoot a bullet in his forehead.

Incredible scope

The scope with which the casino was made and the whole complex, in general, is incredible. Looking at the photos, it seems that they just took a piece of Venice and moved to China. Bridges, fountains, golden statues, paintings by Italian artists and … channels! Imagine that there are channels in the territory of the casino and even moving gondolas. It is true that the gondoliers are Chinese here, so this is quite funny) Anyone can ride there even the whole day. There is also St. Mark’s Square. Therefore, even families with children come here to show them this little piece of Venice.

By the way, people who were in Venice, say that the gondolas are newer and more beautiful here)) It is no wonder since the casino was opened relatively recently – in 2007.

China’s economic miracle

Americans contributed to the opening of this casino, namely the company “Las Vegas Sands.” By the way, they had a hand in another famous game complex in Asia: Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. “The Venetian” is not the unique casino with this name. In 1999 another house of excitement was opened under this name in Las Vegas.

Gambling establishments are one of the most profitable types of business; naturally, the owner of Las Vegas Sands is on the list of the richest people on the planet, according to Forbes. Considering that $ 2.4 billion was spent on construction, the profits have increased more than fivefold after three years.

In general, such statistics is not surprising: after all, according to experts, every seventh inhabitant, including children and old people, visit this establishment in Macau. This administrative center, which consists of 33 casinos ranks first in the world by the amount of left


They bring the budget of Macau more than 70% of revenues.

The biggest casinos in the world

The second place in size and scope is taken by another casino in Macau – City of

Dreams. Here the gambling is located on 210,000 square meters, where there are 450 gaming tables and 1 514 slot machines. The list of top three casinos also includes Foxwoods Resorts in Mashantucket in Connecticut, in the Pequot Indian Reservation. This is one of the largest entertainment complexes in North America.

6 casinos are located on 172,000 square meters. There are 380 gaming tables and more than 6 thousand slot machines.



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