15 simple and easy breakfast Ideas

15 simple and easy breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is quoted as the most important meal in terms of health and fitness. We all experience “morning craziness,” whether it’s due to time constraints, picky eaters, or kids with no appetites in the morning, there are many things that can make a morning stressful. Breakfast, however, is an important meal!

If you skip breakfast in the hopes of losing weight, it can have the opposite effect. If you start your day with a balanced meal, you are less likely to overeat later in the day. You can try these in breakfast;

Whole Wheat Waffles: If you have a waffle maker, try a Whole Wheat Waffle Mix from the grocery store for a special treat. Serve garnished with fresh fruit.

You can give your sandwich a little bit of heat in the microwave oven to melt the cheese. Have a piece of fruit for a full breakfast.

Breakfast tacos: stir and cook eggs or egg whites. Serve the eggs, salsa, and low-fat cheese on corn tortillas.

Classic cereals are improved: cut fresh fruit and add to sugar-free breakfast cereal.

Yogurt Parfait: Layered yogurt with fresh or frozen fruit and granola or whole-grain cereal.

If you press the Snooze button three times (or more), you can still interrupt the quick…

Instant Oatmeal – Look for varieties with no added sugar and add boiling water. Add the dried cranberries and almonds.

Scrambled Eggs 45 Seconds: Put the eggs and a little milk in a bowl, whisk and microwave for 30 seconds. Stir and return for another 10 seconds.

Peanut Butter Sandwich: And have a banana while you do it.

Cream cheese on whole wheat bread: Try it on a bagel or tortillas. To lose 2 pounds off in one week must have a look at article here;

30-Second Shake: It takes very little time to shake like, you can combine low-fat milk, frozen strawberries, and a banana for a quick shake to enjoy with a bran muffin.

Ready to go: You should have a plan in the back of your mind the night before, make a breakfast plan while you clean up dinner. Set the table with cereal bowls and spoons.

Tortillas or Frittatas: Make fresh vegetable tortillas or frittatas ahead of time to reheat all week.

Brown Bag Breakfast: Eat a banana, a bag of trail mix made with whole grain, shelled pistachios, and one of your favorite dried fruits (try diced apricot, pineapple, or mango).

If you’re picky eater needs to be persuaded:

Instead of donuts: offer whole-grain waffles or toasted pancakes. If you’re serving donuts, consider offering donut holes and add other foods like low-fat milk and fruit to provide additional nutrition.

Banana hot Dog: You can easily make hot dogs of banana by peanut or almond butter on a whole-grain hot dog bun. Peel a banana, place it inside the bread and eat it like a hot dog.

Peanut Butter Toast: Use whole-grain toast to increase fiber and use peanut butter to increase protein in the morning.

Not-So-Sweet Cereals: Swap out low-sugar whole grains and pair them with fresh or frozen berries.

Fresh fruits: bananas, kiwis, pears, apples, mangoes, cantaloupe, grapefruit, or whatever is in season.

Dinner for Breakfast: The best breakfast for kids is the breakfast they’ll eat, and it certainly doesn’t have to be traditional breakfast foods.


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