3 Killer Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

3 Killer Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

We know that when starting a business, challenges are inevitable. One of the major challenges start-ups will face is to be able to successfully market their brand. In this article, we have some tips and tricks that will allow you to better understand how certain marketing techniques will help elevate your brand.

Why is marketing important?

Marketing is one of the main factors that determines the success rate of your business. Successful marketing will increase your customer exposure and allow customers to know of your brand. Not only does effective marketing informs your target audience of the products you are offering, but it also helps you build a presence in the industry while bonding and creating relationships with people. Increase in customer engagement will lead to a positive experience with your brand!

Most companies have an entire team of marketers to help them reach more customers and increase brand awareness. Furthermore, small businesses does not always have to be a disadvantage. It gives you more time to build personal relationships with customers. One-to-one interactions are always good to build customer relationships, and customers will feel as though they understand your brand personally. They will feel more inclined to purchase from you compared to your competitors.

Here are our top 3 marketing tips that will surely help your business grow faster!

1. Make sure you reach out to the right people and offer something unique.

Have a good understanding about the products that you are offering and who you are trying to target. It is important to do so because you will not be able to target everybody. There are some demographics that are bound to have more interest in your product range than others.


Next, you should understand your targeted customer base. What kind of promotional products would they be attracted to? What should your marketing campaign look like? Understanding and having a better idea of your consumer base will allow you to make better decisions while executing plans as such.


You don’t need to be a giant company to be able to produce unique and high quality items for your customers. The key to satisfying your customers is to add value – offer excellent customer service while delivering your products. When your items stands out and meets a specific need that has not been met by competing brands, customers will be more attracted to your brand. This will then lead to gaining loyal customers.

Another great way to market to clients is to have a great website that is easy to navigate. On the website, you can also provide blogs for consumers to read. Additional and valuable content as such for your consumers will keep them interested in your business.

Lastly, you can also reach your customers by giving them a call, or send them an email and through direct mailing services. This way, your method of outreach will be more personalised, making the customers feel special. This will also help solidifying bonds while letting you gather critical information.

2. Use this customer base to build expertise, brand image and authority in your field

Sending out surveys and asking for reviews allows for three things. With constructive feedback, you can improve on the service provided to your customers. This will make them feel listened and special, thus, creating an even stronger bond between both parties.

Spreading your name will give you a higher chance to work and connect with other companies. They will probably know of your business, and it is easier to work with them from there. To create trust and potential long-term partners, it is also important that your business deliver all promises and meet expectations. This will, you can build a reputation that you are reliable and effective in working.

Social media and digital marketing is probably the easiest way to get referrals. It is always good to be active on these social media platforms to build your brand image and reputation.

3. Choose the correct medias to reach out!

The first media that comes to mind is TV, it can reach every kind of demographics because almost every household has a television at home. However, it may be difficult, or even impossible to be implemented by small businesses because it is costly.

Fret not! Making use of social media platforms are also a great way to connect with customers of various demographics. Social media is the fastest growing way for people to connect with each other all over the world. What’s best is that it is mostly free!

You should understand the demographics that uses each social media platform to make it easier to target the right audience using the right media. For example, you should use LinkedIn if you work are a Business to Business (B2B) company. It is really easy and convenient to build a large network from scratch. Another example is that if you use Instagram, you will be able to reach a younger audience. Short videos and photos will be your main marketing weapon on this popular social network. On the other hand, If your company create interesting and good-looking products, showcase them on Pinterest! There’s plenty of possibilities to explore with digital marketing and there is for sure one that perfectly fits your business!

Newspapers are still a decent choice if you plan on capturing the attention of an older audience. One benefit is that it is extremely affordable to post an advertisement and reach your audience. It is also a go-to way to promote a local business. In the same field of idea, a cheap but yet cost efficient means to make people aware of your brand is to start a poster campaign.


You can always distribute leaflets to increase awareness and also have a presence on the field, while it allows you to prospect all kinds of people, it is also the best trick to survey potential customers, narrow your target to get a better idea of your buyer persona and create friendly interactions.


How can you choose which is the appropriate media? You need to be sure of who you want to sell your product or service. Depending on that, you will go towards different media. It also depends on which countries and market you would like to target. For example, using LinkedIn for the japanese market will not work for you because culturally, this social media doesn’t match with japanese business behavior.

Small businesses have full capacity of launching successful marketing campaigns for little costs and still maximize positive outcomes like increasing lead and client numbers and of course, sales. It requires a thorough reflection on your target market to be sure to hit the bullseye but many tools can help you analyze your market and make the correct decision.

For more information, please click here to find out more marketing tips for your business, and how they can be the key in vastly improving your business.

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