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5 Benefits of Using Shipment Tracking Software

Whether you are in the e-commerce business, a shipper of highly valuable packages, or an antique collector, shipping must be among the most important aspects of your business. That is because this part of the process presents the liminal phase of the sale and carries the most risk.

Companies like Unival Logistics specialize in safely carrying highly valuable packages from the shipper to the client promptly. They always keep up to date with the latest innovations in the security branch, so you know you are getting the best service available.

Besides their unlimited insurance and a 95% rate for overnight delivery, they are also known for their excellent shipment tracking software. Every shipping company nowadays uses shipment tracking software, but a lot of them are known for running late and not updating.

That can be devastating for your business, and that’s why you should work with companies that offer better tracking systems. Using this software has many benefits, and we have just singled out the most important ones.


Keeping the Customers Satisfied

You are in this business for your customers, so keeping them satisfied is of crucial importance to you. You will achieve this by delivering on time, and shipping tracking software will be a great help with this.

Your customers will appreciate your including them in the process by providing timely updated tracking info, and even if something unexpected slows down the delivery, they will most often show understanding because you are keeping them updated in real-time.

A happy customer will always come back, so this makes one of the key reasons to consider switching to a better shipment tracking system.

Cutting the Costs

Without good shipment tracking software, you are forced to secure higher manpower. You need a processing team, packaging warehouse stuff, sizeable customer service, and many more. All of this demands more money on recruiting, training, and maintaining the staff.

However, if you partner with a specialized logistics company, their software and logistics will lower your costs immensely. You will be paying for their wide service instead of maintaining multiple teams and operations by yourself.

Not to mention avoiding hefty penalties for losing the package or delivering late, along with losing customers. Some companies that specialize in transferring valuable goods have a very reputable delivery time rate.


Delivering on time is the best way to keep your customers coming back and stop losing money. This is sometimes very hard to achieve, due to many complicated processes and unpredicted circumstances.

Using good tracking software will improve your delivery time rate. It simplifies the whole process and increases its transparency. That allows you to predict a lot of possible obstacles and avoid them or notify your customer on time.

Companies like Unival Logistics have a 95% overnight delivery success rate, which says enough about the efficiency of their shipment tracking software.

Performance Evaluation

Transparency of the whole process enabled by shipment tracking software also allows you to better understand how things work. You will be able to track the performance of all the teams and their members included in the delivery process.

That way you can take notes and suggest new ideas on improving the delivery time rate and eliminate recurring obstacles. You will always have a solid reference when you have a complaint to make to your partner logistics company.

Simplified Communication with Customers

The customers always have a lot of questions, especially when they are ordering a package of high value. It is in your best interest to always keep them informed and be at their service 24/7. This requires great devotion from your customer service team, which means more expenses for your business.

Luckily, shipment tracking has become a common and necessary service. Every customer will expect to be able to track their package. However, a lot of major logistic companies don’t update regularly and often run late with the shipments, leaving the customers nervous and giving a bad reputation to the shipper’s business.

Companies that specialize in transferring valuable packages, such as Unival Logistics, are using the most advanced tracking software and efficient transfer methods.

The customers will always have access to the regularly updated tracking info, which means they will have fewer questions to ask. This approach reduces the demand for direct communication, allowing you to optimize and reassign your staff.

In General

There are numerous benefits of outsourcing in almost every business, but especially if you’re a shipper. By partnering with a logistics company, you will avoid the increase of costs once the demand rises. That way your profit will keep growing at a higher pace.

It’s very important to work with the company that’s suiting for your needs. For example, if you’re shipping valuable packages, you shouldn’t work with major e-commerce logistic companies, because they won’t prioritize your package over the lesser valued ones (unless you pay extra fees). Instead, you should look for a company that specializes in your kind of demand.

One of the things you should pay attention to when choosing a shipping company to work with is their shipment tracking system. You should choose the ones who offer the most advanced software that will optimize the whole ordering and shipping process, allow the best insight for you and your customers, and keep your company’s reputation at the highest level.


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