5 Factors to Consider Before Scheduling the Frequency for Pest Control Services

5 Factors to Consider Before Scheduling the Frequency for Pest Control Services

With the resurgence of pest infestation, you may be wondering how often you should have pest control treatment in your property to be safe. There is no clear recommendation on how often you should. Every household is unique and so is your pest problem. After the first pest treatment exercise, consider the following factors to help you schedule subsequent pest treatment.

The Level of Previous Infestation

How bad was the situation when the first pest infestation occurred? A history of previous pest infestation will need frequent pest treatment as compared to an area that has never experienced pests. Frequently checking the area that significantly hosts pests in your property will help you know when it’s time to call the expert. However, take a proactive approach and repair any breach that allows pests into your property.

The Type of Pest Involved

Some pests are more difficult to get rid of than others. The number of pests and how frequently they lay eggs determines how easy or difficult it is to completely exterminate. Cockroaches and ants require consistent treatment. Bugs require intense, consistent and expert treatment to exterminate. In this case, it will help to have a pest control service provider. EZ Findlay Pest Control is a good place to start. They give you options on the best treatment and help you schedule for the subsequent pest control treatment.

The Type of Property

The moment you notice a pest running through your property be rest assured an entire generation is hiding in the shadows. Depending on the type of property, the level of infestation may vary. Commercial property like a restaurant where there is consistent cooking is at high risk of rampant pest infestation. A food processing company is equally exposed to pests. You need frequent pest treatment because pests are always attracted to food and water.

The more food spill and food build up in inaccessible areas in your home or commercial property the more vulnerable you are to different types of pests. If not taken care of, the level of pest infestation will be on the rise.

Businesses that interact with people often need frequent pest control treatment. Homes and business premises near watershed or wooded areas tend to have more pest control problems. This calls for frequent pest control checks.

How much do you spend on pest control?

Dealing with pests can be draining. The amount of time, money and the work involved to properly ensure pest treatment is costly. Consider how much it costs you to get the work done. Whether it’s a commercial property or your own house you may end up investing more than anticipated.

You can try simple pest control measures like using pesticides but this may not be conventional in the long run. For commercial property, pest infestation leads to losses if you insist on doing it yourself. It involves learning the process of pest treatment and investing in the equipment and the chemicals. These resources would otherwise be used in growing your business. Save yourself the hustle by outsourcing pest control service provider for the regular checks and treatment.

The Season of the Year

Different climatic conditions have different impacts on insects’ activities. An insect’s life cycle is predominantly determined by the type of weather and availability of food. The warm season which is characterized by high temperature has been associated with increased pests invasion. This is because during summer insects come out from hibernation. In warm weather, insects tend to mature faster and there is increased reproduction. During autumn pest activity is still high.

When it starts to get cooler the insects will instinctively look for a warm environment. If you are not careful the warm environment could be your home. The good news is most species of insects cannot survive the cold weather. They either migrate or die. Generally, in the cold weather, there is a decline in insect infestation.

You may think you are safe in the winter but you are not. Spider and cockroaches could be your next guest. Every season is prone to different types of pests. The key is being vigilant and prepared. Depending on the season you can decide on how often you need pest control services.

Pests are a nuisance. They disrupt your home, business, and life in general. It is important to be ahead of the game and take precautionary measures to ensure you are safe. Depending on the above factors you can schedule pest control treatment monthly, quarterly or annually. Again, work with what suits your situation.


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