5 Types of Rings that Every Women Love

5 Types of Rings that Every Women Love

Every woman loves to adorn her fingers with different kinds of rings because it is not just a piece of jewellery, but it also showcases the style of the one wearing it. Whether a woman is getting dressed for her work, for a wedding, for a party or even regularly, a ring is something that completes a woman’s look. We shall be discussing 5 types of rings that every woman loves and if you are a woman reading this and planning to buy one for yourself or you are a man and planning to surprise special someone by gifting a ring, this post may help you to make a wise decision!

  1. Stone-Embellished Ring: Ruby, sapphire, jade and other precious stones set in a gold ring, platinum ring or silver ring looks classy and exudes a royal charm. As per various astrological beliefs, people should adorn their birthstones for attracting positive vibes and luck into their lives. Where some women wear such stone rings for its exotic beauty, others may wear for bringing more luck, happiness, and prosperity into their lives.
  2. Eternity Band: The enchanting and captivating beauty of this ring has made this type of ring a hot favourite amongst women all around the world. These rings usually have diamond-studded all around the circumference of the ring for a more enigmatic feel. However, there are subtle varieties available sans the stones or diamonds too.
  3. Vintage Rings: Old is gold, and this holds true for rings too. A vintage gold ring designs is something that always remains in vogue and never goes out of style. Antique rings add a hint of romance in and give a glimpse of the era gone by. These rings exude charm and elegance to the hilt and go really well with traditional as well as western attire. A fashion staple for every woman; these kinds of rings are every woman’s dream.
  4. Cocktail Rings: This variety of ring desings is tempting to a woman because of its intricate pattern and tantalizing designs. This kind of ring amplifies a woman’s style quotient by adding oodles of sass and luxury to her look. Usually adorned on parties, weddings or big events, these rings are head-turners, and just a single piece of jewellery is sometimes enough to complete the entire look. For a diva in a woman, this ring is a must-have accessory.
  5. Engagement/Wedding Rings: One of the most important events in any woman’s life is her wedding, and a ring is a testimony of an everlasting bond and love that she will be sharing with her better half. Thus an engagement ring or a wedding ring is a piece of jewellery that is a must in every woman’s jewellery collection. Though the choice of metal and stone can vary from person to person. While some prefer solitaire rings, others may like to keep it simplistic with a gold band. Whatever the preference is, this kind of ring is something that all women treasure throughout their lives.

You can buy any of these rings online from any reputed online jewelry store. If you do not own all these options, browse through innumerable options available online and complete your collection!



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