6 Ways to Provide a Great Renter Move-In Experience

6 Ways to Provide a Great Renter Move-In Experience

If you’re a property manager, providing an excellent move-in experience for renters is crucial. Read this article to learn how to make your renters happy from day one!

Getting ready to turn over the keys for your rental property to a brand new renter?

Congratulations! That means the hardest part of your job is complete!

You’ve already screened your renter, collected your move-in fees, and received a signed copy of the lease. So your job is done, right?

Not exactly.

As a property manager, you want your renters to feel welcome, and the best way to do so is to make the move-in process as easy as possible.

If you’re ready to impress your newest renters, keep reading for our complete guide to providing an exceptional renter move-in experience.


Clean the Apartment from Top to Bottom

Make a good impression by getting the apartment in tip-top shape before handing over the keys. Hire a professional cleaning crew to make sure that every surface, window, and appliance is in the best possible condition.

That way, your renter can skip the cleaning process and get straight to unpacking! They’ll feel right at home knowing that their property manager maintains their property well.

Make the Essential Repairs

If there is anything in the apartment that needs fixing or repair, do it before the renter moves in. You don’t want your renter to  call a professional plumber on their first day because the toilet won’t flush or the water won’t get hot.

Have thorough inspections of every fixture, faucet, pipe, and appliance before the they move in.

Make sure that smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are functioning properly. Replace the batteries and leave a spare set in a kitchen drawer so that your renter can replace them in six months.

Create a Move-In Checklist (And Review It With Your Renter)

All property managers should create a move-in checklist before the renter arrives.

This checklist should detail the condition of the entire apartment and note any existing damage.

When the renter shows up, review the checklist together by walking from room to room. Ask them to confirm that everything on the list is accurate and have them sign and date it.

Keep this checklist filed away with a copy of the lease. When it’s time for your renter to move out, refer back to this list to see if any new damage has occurred. This checklist will serve as the proof you’ll need if you decide to keep the security deposit.

Create a Move-In Package

Moving into a new place requires a lot more than just unpacking and figuring out where to position the furniture. Renters also need to learn the lay of the land and have their utilities turned on.

A move-in package can provide them with all of this information.

Give every new renter a binder or folder that includes all of the info they’ll need to know.

Provide them with the names and numbers of local utility companies. Detail the parking situation and let them know if they have an assigned parking spot. If they’re required to display a tag or a sticker so they don’t get towed, include this in the package as well.

Make sure your renters have keys and/or key codes for all entryways, gates, and common spaces.

Give them detailed information on the maintenance policy, including who to call for repairs and how to file complaints.

Your move-in package should also include information regarding rent payments. Disclose the late fees and include how, when, and where to make monthly payments.

Include a detailed list of all property rules and regulations, including any specific policies you have about guests or noise. If your property is pet-friendly, provide details of pet policies as well.

Make Yourself Available for Questions

No matter how thorough you’ve been with your move-in package, your renter may still have questions. Make yourself available to answer any last-minute questions they may have.

If you don’t plan to be on-site, give them a phone number where they can call or text you if they need you.

Welcome Them to the Neighborhood!

When your new renters arrive, greet them with a smile and a positive attitude. Be polite and let them know that you’re happy to have them in your apartment. Make sure that they know where to find you if they have any questions.

It’s important to set the tone for a good property manager/renter relationship from day one.

Recommend a few good restaurants or coffee shops nearby. If you don’t have laundry facilities on-site, let them know where the closest laundromat is. If they have a dog, point them toward any nearby dog parks.

If you want to provide your new renter with a great move-in experience, keep these seven tips in mind:

  • Clean the apartment thoroughly
  • Make all repairs before move-in day
  • Create a move-in checklist that details the current condition of the apartment
  • Assemble a move-in package with all essential information
  • Be available to answer questions
  • Welcome them to the neighborhood by being positive, helpful, and polite

It can be hard to find great renters, so when you do, it’s important to keep them. Making the move-in experience as easy as possible is one of the best ways to start the relationship off on the right foot!

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