Best Android Games in 2019 That Are Setting New Benchmarks

Best Android Games in 2019 That Are Setting New Benchmarks

Well for the avid Android gaming enthusiast out there, there is plenty of new stuff in the market that will have you guys engaged for a long time.
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Some of the Best Android Games in 2019 that have already been noteworthy include the following:



Player’s Unknown Battleground more profoundly known as PUBG is a mass hysteria amongst the youth today. This game was released back in 2018 and with a new set of updates and few tweaks; there is no stopping the ever-increasing craze surrounding this game anytime soon. This is a huge gaming royal which matches players all across the world playing on different servers.

The match matching hardly takes about 20-30 seconds and thereafter the players are taken to the islands of Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar and the newly added Vikendi Snow map in aircraft. Players are allowed to choose the locations on the map they wish to go.

Players can play this game in solo, duo as well as in squad mode with a maximum of four players in your squad.

The game has various levels starting from Bronze level for the newbies, followed by Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Ace and finally Conqueror. Unlock new player skins from the virtual money and various gifts offered for a limited time period. An array of powerful guns available within the game where players are required to loot from the houses and kill their enemies. It ranks at the top amongst the list of Best Android Games in 2019.

Available for download on TuTuApp Store:

Brawl Stars

Unlike Supercell’s previous lit releases i.e., the Castle Royale and Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars is an all-out shooting game with interesting multiplayer gaming modes. The various interesting modes include Gem Grab, Heist, Showdown, Bounty hunting, Brawl Ball and Robo Rumble. The character animations are well executed.

Voice actors have done a wonderful job in blending the character physiques with immaculate precision. A lot of exciting unlockable tools are available as one progress into the game. Gamers can also buy upgradable in exchange for the real-world monetary transaction. It is arguably one of the Best Android Games in 2019.

RWBY: Amity Arena

The game is based on the famous Animation series powered by Rooster Teeth. This game has built up its reputation from scratch and is one of the most exciting Android games in 2019. The game is based on real-time strategies which require the players to defend the MOBA tower.

The goal of the game is to destroy the tower of your opponent and be victorious. The matches typically last for three minutes thus timing of the attacks and strategy making skills are tested in every single step.

Hole down

For puzzle game lovers, Hole Down is a perfect match. This is one of the games which focuses on good strategy making skills of the gamers and not shift focus on powerups. The concept of the game I quite easy to grasp. Players are required to blast celestial bodies starting from asteroids and finally ending up blasting the mighty sun. Hole Down has successfully earned the reputation of being amongst the Best Android Games in 2019.


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