British Accessories For Men

British Accessories For Men

It is often said that finding gifts for the men in your life can pose a real challenge. Unless they are diehard sports fans or have very niche hobbies, sourcing unique gifts for men can be difficult.

The secret is, you have to know where to look. It is not always the obvious, commercialised chain stores where you will find success in your gift hunt. Rather, searching the quirky, more boutique-like places will have you jumping for joy with a victory.

To save you some time, below are some gift ideas for men, with a unique touch of British authenticity. Keep on reading to find out more.

  • A Quality Umbrella

Any wise man in Britain will know to carry an umbrella on them at all times. The sad thing is, generally the umbrellas bought are boring and plain. That is no way to lift your man’s spirits during a grey morning.

Instead, go for something more distinct and special – possibly something handcrafted to show some extra effort.

If you can get your hands on a gorgeous, vintage design, any rainy day will be better. This is a perfect gift for someone who enjoys the outdoors or simply has to get from A to B often.

  • The Hip Flask

A hip flask is a very traditional gift, which most men would love to receive. Because of its traditional roots, getting your hands on one that has a modern edge, adding a final touch to a retro feel, will make it all the more special.

Rather than purchasing a hip flask from down the road that every second man has, choose the one that has been made with passion and a genuine sense of care.

If you put your mind to it, you can find some truly unique options.

  • The Gift Of Gloves

Winter is looming and, with that, the dreaded icy cold hands that struggle to get much done. Even though most people aren’t heading out too much at the moment, toasty hands are not limited to work commutes.

Keeping your hands warm during walks in the park or simply grocery shopping makes these experiences so much better. Plus, they can be very stylish too. Chester Jefferies is known for its premium quality leather gloves that will always be in fashion.

Treat the man in your life to a cosy pair of gloves that he won’t want to take off. He is guaranteed to love them.

  • Happy, Colourful Socks

Perhaps this sounds slightly mundane to you but receiving a quality pair of socks is seldom boring to men.

In many cases, it is quite typical for men to go through socks faster than women. So, what better way to avoid this than receiving an excellent selection of socks?

You can find all sorts of fun and interesting socks these days, which are so much more thrilling than regular, plain socks. From bright colours to tacos and sombreros, if your man’s attire is more bland than usual, his socks will not be!

  • A Trusty Beard Set

Finally, what man does not enjoy a little beard maintenance every now and then? Even if he prefers to keep his beard at bay and sport his clean-shaven face instead, he can still enjoy this set.

You can find some really lovely ones available that include beard oils, scissors for trimming, and combs too. For instance, Bedfordshire Beard Co offers a unique, retro-inspired beard box to hold all of your man’s self-care goodies.

The maintenance of a beard has become much more popular in the last few years, meaning you can find some creative, beautifully crafted options.

The charm in giving unique gifts is their rarity and authenticity. By gifting British-made goods also strengthens the craftsmanship in the country and the success of smaller boutiques.

With ideas like these, you will not have to stress over what to buy for the men in your life again. They are guaranteed to love any of them!


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