Characteristic Tells In Poker And A Few Interesting Facts About The Game

Characteristic Tells In Poker And A Few Interesting Facts About The Game

Poker is among the most competitive games in existence, whether being played live or online. We have compiled some of the most typical poker tells of individuals that plays the game, using their skills. We’ve also included a few bonus facts about poker in general.

Typical Poker Tells

  • When a player leans forward or backward – It generally indicates he has a strong hand.
  • Unexpectedly bolt upright – When a player sits laidback or slouchy and then suddenly bolts upright, it could indicate that he’s got a strong hand like a pair of queens, kings or Aces.
  • Acts cocky – A player that begins talking to you in a hand advising you to fold usually indicates that he has the nuts.
  • Look out for distracted players – If a player doesn’t appear to be paying attention to the game, for instance, half eyeing the TV, or talking to another player, likelihood is good that he is not bluffing.
  • The eyes can tell you a lot – It is impossible to regulate pupil dilation, particularly to people with colored eyes (non-brown). Pupil dilation is a sure sign of a strong hand.
  • Voice pitch is a steadfast tell – Players with a higher than normal voice while speaking points to a strong hand (probably due to excitement). Same goes for a player with an unnaturally low voice who is trying to make up for this, but over does it. This characteristic of bluffing is not easy to control.
  • Stare downs – Players who bluff will almost always try to stare you down.
  • Shaky hands – This is usually an indication that the player has something, but this metric is only truthful to beginner players.
  • The way chips are stacked – Professional players sometimes utilize this method to fool their opponents.
  • Sweating – typically the biggest tell in a poker game. Check out for various poker games to try your hand at.
  • Screen names can reveal a lot about the players – Seductive girl names for instance, mostly suggest that the player is a pro player that pretends to be a beginner.
  • Trash talking on chatbox – This often times indicates that the player is bluffing.
  • Time zones – Professional players often take advantage of time zones in online poker. Guys in the US for instance will pay at night when it is early morning in Europe. These guys will most likely be drunk or playing while tired.
  • Autoraise on the flop says a lot – Auto raising before a flop is an indication of ninety-nine percent strength of the time for standard players, meaning there is little advantage in bluffing this.

5 Interesting Facts About Poker

  • The word poker was taken from the German word “pochen” with the meaning: to bluff.
  • The four kings that is present in the deck is resultant of actual kings:
    • King David of Israel
    • Alexander the Great
    • Roman Caesar Augustus
    • King Charlemagne of France
  • The four dissimilar suits in the cards signifies the four-tier class system found in France.
  • Earlier US president Richard Nixon was such a great poker player that his initial presidential campaign was funded from his poker winnings.
  • The odds of having a royal flush are 649 740 to one.


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