Cut Down Your Overhead Costs by Hiring Virtual Assistants

Cut Down Your Overhead Costs by Hiring Virtual Assistants

It’s easy to romanticize people who leave their 9 to 5 jobs to build their own business. It’s easy to forget that entrepreneurs and small business owners are saddled with workload and stress that regular employees could only imagine.

According to the survey, more than 5 in 10 Americans would love to have their personal assistant. Running a business requires a lot of mundane administrative tasks and paperwork. They want to free up their time so they can focus on more high-profile tasks, such as bringing in money to the business. This is the reason they decide on remote hiring assistants who can help them manage their work effectively.

Enter the top virtual assistant companies.

These companies offer assistants who work by remote. That means during the whole time they are working for you, you might not even see their face.

Think of them as Siri with an initiative.

But more than the administrative tasks they provide, no matter how valuable those are, the most significant benefit of hiring a virtual assistant is reducing your labor costs.

How top virtual assistant companies help cut your overhead

The numbers vary. There are claims that hiring a virtual assistant will cut your operational cost by as much as 40%. Still, some claim that the money you save could reach as high as 70% annually.

The truth is probably somewhere in between. The amount you save will depend on the minimum wage, the number of employees you have, the returns you get in terms of their productivity, etc.

However, there are clear examples of how virtual assistants can help you:

  1. They only bill for the number of hours rendered. According to this study, your employees are only productive for a third of the amount you are paying them. While employees are expected to be at the office for eight hours, they are only productive for a good 2 hours and 23 minutes. You are paying them for hours they are idle.
  2. There’s no tenure of service. Your relationship with the virtual assistants is strictly contractual. For businesses that are seasonal, hiring virtual assistants will benefit them because they will only need their services when production is high. When the workload is low, they can opt to discontinue the virtual assistant service for the meantime.
  3. No health benefits and other perks. Because you don’t have an employer-employee relationship, you are not required to pay for their health benefits. You are also not required to give them a 13th-month pay or a mid-year bonus. Although an extra incentive would have been nice, especially if you are satisfied with the job they’ve done so far.
  4. 24/7 service. Unlike with your employees who need to go home unless you pay overtime, the top virtual assistant companies operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means you can extend the business operations past the standard time of 9-5. You can contact them anytime whenever you need help with a task.

Entrepreneurs and small businesses stand to benefit from hiring virtual assistants to share the workload. Why continue to be burdened with boring office tasks when you can contact 24/7 Virtual Assistants today?


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