How Giving Your Pet CBD Can Help With Common Illnesses

How Giving Your Pet CBD Can Help With Common Illnesses

If you’ve got a pet, you know how tough it can be trying to work out how best to help them, especially if they are suffering from long standing health issues. Like humans, dogs and cats also suffer from common aliments and health issues that can deeply impact their well being and enjoyment of life.

We’re not suggesting that you disgard the medication that your vet has prescribed your pet, but treating your pet with CBD may help reduce symptoms associated with your pets illness, but what illnesses can CBD help to manage? Read on to find out.


Like humans, dogs and cats can develop anxiety. This can be separation anxiety, loud noises such as fireworks or social anxiety brought on from busy places. It can manifest itself in a variety of ways, in dogs it can be obsessive spinning and in cats it can be obsessive cleaning. Early research is showing that CBD can help dogs and cats in the same way that it can help humans.

It increases the blood flow in the area of the brain that causes anxiety, thus reduces the overall symptoms. It gives your pet a calming effect that can help them to deal with situations that would normally trigger anxiety, thus helping your pet to be more happy and comfortable in their environment.

Increases Appetite

If your dog or cat is suffering with anxiety or other associated health issues, you may find that their appetite is reduced, or they stop eating all together. This can be brought on by a variety of triggers from loud noises, moving home or other situations that we would also find stressful. Giving your pet a full spectrum product can help to promote an appetite whilst it works to reduce anxiety which results in your pet being able to eat!

Relives Pain

It is really tough to tell if your dog or cat is in pain, they are often very stoic and its only really when their health deteriorates to a point that we realise something is up. In older animals the chance they are suffering from osteoarthritis is far higher, but we may just think they are slowing down due to their age.

Using CBD can help reduce the pain associated with degenerative disease making your pet far more comfortable and content.

Can Help Manage Bowel Diseases

Just like in humans, it is thought that dogs and cat have CBD receptors in their bowels. If your pet has a chronic stomach condition, CBD is an excellent addition to their daily food requirements to help manage the condition. Research has shown that using CBD on your pet can reduce the impacts of colitis (fatty liver disease) as well as help balance the gut bacteria, this is especially positive if your pet is taking antibiotics. CBD has been shown to also inhibit the production of inflammatory macrophages which are often the cause of chronic bowel issues in both humans and canines, but the results are still being gathered from recent studies.

Final Thoughts

Whilst the studies being conducted on our pets and the associated health benefits of dosing them with CBD is still being undertaken, the results garnered so far are offering a positive and progressive view as to how CBD can be used with more mainstream medicine. If your pet does have health issues and is currently being treated by a vet, it is always worth discussing CBD and associated products with them first before you make the choice to medicate your pet yourself, you want to ensure that both the CBD and the current medication will work together as opposed to react.


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