Google Local Guides Program: How To Earn Points & Badges

APSE (Association for Public Service Excellence) is a not for profit unincorporated association working with over 300 councils throughout the UK. Based on our current points and benefits structure, contributions made to points of interest or businesses that are on Google Maps don’t expire. Contributions made to businesses that have closed permanently and have been removed from Google Maps won’t count towards your Local Guides level.

local guide program

Moore is an account manager at Anzu Global, an agency that recruits for the localization industry. Though she is not a recruiter per se, she shared exactly what employers expect from potential candidates. I really wanted to help Alexandra, and maybe more broadly, anyone already in an entry-level localization position who wants to become a project manager. Users who duplicate photos across locations or post images that infringe on copyrights will be removed from the program.

How Can I Become a Local Guide?

What makes them unique is that they also voluntarily contribute to it. These contributions include reviews, photos, answers to questions, fact-checks, and more. They even add and edit location information on Google Maps, often becoming the first source of information for a local neighborhood. All edits are checked before they make it into Maps or search results. So, while there are no SEO benefits to joining the platform, there could be plenty of downsides for local businesses. Make more contributions to earn more points and move through the levels, and you’ll also earn better badges.

local guide program

Capture the essence of the place by taking clear and well-composed photos that showcase its unique attributes. This can help potential visitors get a better understanding of what to expect. The best courses for remote jobs utilizes a level system to recognize and reward contributors based on their active participation.

Contributing to Google Maps with edits and updates

Moore said that though a localization degree is not a must, it has a distinct advantage. They also know tools, which makes their résumés better fit clients’ job descriptions. Local Guides who duplicate reviews across locations will be removed from the program. To avoid having your post taken down or being removed from the Local Guides program, review the below guidelines and our user-generated content policy. Please note your points and level can take up to 24 hours to be updated. Points do not expire, though they may decrease if content is removed for violating our policies.

  • There are other degrees available, as well as certification programs offered by institutions such as the University of Washington and The Localization Institute.
  • They are a hive mind for the search engine, helping it to ensure its Maps product is more accurate, more up-to-date and superior to rival offerings.
  • There are currently four or five courses focusing on translation technology.” Recent additions to the curriculum include advanced JavaScript classes, advanced project management and program management.
  • Downloading Microsoft Teams to your laptop, desktop or smart device will give a better performance and greater functionality throughout the day.
  • YouTube is undeniably the best and most renowned platform for online video streaming.

Reviews, edits, or photos marked private by Google are in violation of our policies and are visible only to you. Private reviews, edits, or photos do not count toward your Local Guides level. At this time, Google Maps is available in more than 40 countries and languages. Adding photos to your reviews can significantly enhance the visual appeal and credibility of your contributions.

Google Local Guides Program: How To Earn Points & Badges

A “Local Guide” is a volunteer position that allows you to contribute to Google Maps. While it’s possible to contribute without being a Local Guide, there are some added benefits to being in the program. It is built upon the key idea that the nature of work and both how local authority and service objectives are achieved is changing at a rapid pace. Because this offering is 100% online, no visa is required and international students are welcome to apply. For more information, see Admission Requirements for International Students.


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