Health Benefits Of Eating Potato

Health Benefits Of Eating Potato

Potatoes are first cultivated in the Andes region of South America. In early 16th century, Spanish brought the potato back to Europe from South American expedition. Consuming vegetables and fruits reduces risk of many health conditions. Studies have suggested that consumption of potatoes decreases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity. It promotes healthy complexion and hair, overall lower weight. Potatoes provide the body with essential source of energy, which you need even when dieting. As a rich carbohydrate source they help in fuelling all reactions in the body which you need for thinking, digestion and cellular renewal. Below are some possible health benefits of potatoes.

Bone Health

Potatoes contain phosphorous, iron, magnesium, calcium and zinc which helps to contribute to building and maintaining of bone structure and strength. Zinc and iron plays a crucial role in production and maturation of collagen. While calcium and phosphorus are important in bone structure. Careful balance of these minerals is necessary for proper bone mineralization.

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure can occur for many reasons that include tension, diabetes, nutrient balance, food content etc. To treat these different treatments are required. Luckily potatoes can alleviate possible causes. Potatoes can relieve blood pressure due to tension. It can also treat indigestion due to vitamin-C and fibre present in it. But it should be avoided if blood pressure is due to diabetes. Fibre present in it is helpful in lowering cholesterol and helps in improving functioning of insulin in the body which lowers high blood pressure. This is due to direct relation between blood pressure and glucose level in the blood. The potassium found in potatoes lowers the blood pressure as it functions as a vasodilator.

Cancer Prevention

Some type of potatoes like red and russet ones contain high level of vitamin-A and flavonoid antioxidants like carotenes and zeaxanthin they can protect you against many type of cancer. Agriculture research survey has proved that potatoes contain a compound called quercetin which is proven to have anti-cancer and anti-tumour properties. The high level of vitamin-A and vitamin-C have antioxidants qualities that can protect your body from cancer.

Skin Care

B-complex and vitamin-C as well as minerals like magnesium, potassium, zinc and phosphorus are good for skin. Pulp from crushed raw potatoes when mixed with honey works well in skin and face pack. This helps in curing spots on the skin and pimples. Again this pulp applies externally on burns provides relief and faster healing. The water in which potatoes have been washed are very good for softening and cleaning skin.


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