How Internet Can Teach You About the Reality of the World

How Internet Can Teach You About the Reality of the World

The internet is actually full of fake news, but it’s still crucial if you want to learn about the real world. Most people easily fall victim to fake news. However, if you do proper research and check the background of each story, you will never be fooled. This is a busy world, so most people don’t care about doing a background check.

Most of us simply believe what we want to believe. If a news channel says something we already believe, we will believe it. Likewise, we ignore the news we don’t want to believe and call ourselves skeptical.

There are many things that are not hidden on the internet. Once a real thing gets on the internet, it is taken down as soon as possible in the name of making the internet a safe place. However, once a thing goes on the internet it never goes down again. It becomes hard to find, but it is still there.

There are also many platforms like the website of the John Doe where people share their real experiences and knowledge. It keeps their identity hidden and the world gets to learn about things we are reluctant to see.

We get to read stories of people who have actually experienced what they are saying. They are not like the newspaper who would publish anything as long as the price is right. These platforms don’t have as big an audience as national news channels, but they bring you the real news and stories that don’t mislead you.


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