How The Betting Markets Have Been Affected by Covid-19

How The Betting Markets Have Been Affected by Covid-19

The global pandemic has affected virtually everyone and every industry as it riddled the world and put the globe on lockdown; preventing all types of business. However, we have seen lots of online services increase in in numbers and have seen many different trends throughout the heights of the lockdown. Today we look deeper into the betting markets specifically and how they’ve been affected.

As shown on the image above, Betting markets on live sporting events, such as Premier League and Champions League football has seen a decrease in numbers in March in comparison to the year before; and this is pretty self-explanatory due to the lockdown restrictions and social distancing rules cancelling or postponing all events. However with the lockdown being eased slowly and the return of sport now starting to happen behind closed doors, we expect these numbers to increase again and for bookies to try and entice punters back in with great odds, check for a list of Betting Sites Not on Gamstop here.

Even though the number of the betting on real events decreased; the virtual side of betting has seen a significant rise in numbers during the lockdown periods. Usually quite a slow market as punters prefer to bet on live sporting events, it’s been good for the virtual world to see this increase. Punters will always find a way for them to get their fix at any time, and the virtual betting markets have seriously been the winning of the gambling markets.

However, on the other hand, some punters aren’t comfortable with betting on the virtual markets and found themselves moving from their usual betting markets and over to the live casino world. A trend that didn’t seem likely, as usually they are two opposing types of gamblers, however again as the image shows above, all three of the gambling markets have seen increases during the lockdown period. Slots, Casinos and Poker all on the rise during the period of no live sporting events was probably down to the fact that bookies has seen this gap in the market. Some bookies had been quick enough to discover that there will be a large demand for these types of market and increased their offers on the gambling world to entice more users onto the sign; and as per the image it seems to have worked. Even though there has been the return of the live events now, we don’t expect the numbers of the casino players to decrease again.


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