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How To Launch An Online Betting Platform in 2021

Sports betting is an activity known since ancient times and famous all over the world. Players wager money on the outcome of a competition or event in an attempt to predict the outcome. The winnings are calculated from the odds offered by the bookmaker. Despite its simple principle, bets have captivated many generations of people and attracted more interest every year.

In the past, people had to visit bookmakers, but you can place a bet from anywhere and at any time of the day in the digital age. Online betting software platforms also offer additional convenience features such as live streaming and live sports information. Betting has never been more accessible and more affordable.

The demand is growing, which is why more and more online bookmakers are opening up. What should an operator do to make his project successful? In today’s article, we’ll cover the essential elements of an excellent online sportsbook.


Variety of rates

There are a lot of types of bets and bets, and there is a fan for each. It is worth mentioning that in different countries, the same things are known under different names, and some types of bets that are popular in one place are not shared at all in others.

Before diving into the technicalities and strategic planning, let’s quickly go over the bets themselves and their types.

Conditions and odds

There is a great variety of bets, depending on the country and the specific sport. There is also a difference in when they are made – live bets, for example, are made right during the match.

Thanks to modern technology, this form of betting software is great for online platforms, but keep in mind that it is illegal in some countries.

As you expand and enter new markets, you need to carefully study the local legislation and gambling practices in the region. The most important thing is for your audience to have an experience they are looking for and not be confused. If you will lose customers when visiting your platform, it is difficult for people to find a type of bet or a habitual sport.


Local matches, international championships, races, competitions – everything has its audience. Even though players who prefer one particular sport make up most of the traffic for the online bookmaker, there is a category of people who perceive sports betting solution as a business, betting on a lot of different competitions.

This approach requires betting on different sports, if only because sports seasons do not last all year round. In some sports, such as American football, there are relatively few games per season, lasting only five months. Thus, players who do not want to take long pauses in their hobby often look for something else before the new season arrives. It is suitable for an online betting software platform to balance winter and summer sports, cycling, esports, racing, and horse racing. Thus, each player will find something to their liking.

Transparency and convenience

To correctly place a bet, a player needs a lot of information – statistics, historical data, news, and forecasts. If your service does not provide convenient access to this information, players will, of course, find another source. But the question arises: why not place a bet somewhere else?

Live streaming and real-time information have long been the industry standard. By giving players everything they need to know, you build trust with your audience, help decide which bet to place, and ultimately retain your customers. The fewer reasons a player has to leave your online sportsbook for another site, the better.


The technical side is significant for any internet business, especially for a sports betting solution. Make sure your tech support is available 24/7 to prevent delays and interruptions. When players flood your site during a popular competition, the cost of such an accident can be catastrophic.

The choice of a payment system is also crucial. Convenience and reliability of withdrawing money is probably the most important thing for a regular client of a betting software platform.

It’s always best to overdo it and anticipate problems quickly and efficiently.

Customer care

The level of competition in the sports betting solution market is very high, so the excitement and pleasure of the game will not be enough to retain and increase the audience.

Ultimately, most gamblers gamble to make money, so your platform must be financially attractive to be successful. Free bets and various bonuses will help your customers make up their minds, and VIP programs will ensure that your regular customers are satisfied even during periods of failure.

Licenses and legality

An international online bookmaker is a profitable business, but it requires compliance with numerous rules and laws for sports betting solution. In some countries, online betting is still a relatively new phenomenon, so there are no laws and taxes yet, in contrast to the world’s leading markets, where the operator needs a license.

It is worth noting that it is not legal to accept online bets in all countries where land-based bookmakers are legal. For example, in the USA, in North Carolina, betting from mobile phones is prohibited. A similar regime exists in the Netherlands.

There are also opposite examples: in Tennessee, on the contrary, only bets made via the Internet are legal.

Working in different parts of the world without breaking the laws is a complicated topic. We even covered it in a separate article.

Flawless design

Don’t underestimate the power of a first impression. An intuitive sportsbook that is easy to navigate and looks modern instills confidence in success and reliability and retains customers.

It is essential to stay on the crest in a rapidly changing digital world and not miss out on trends.

Marketing strategy

Last but not least, every online project needs to be able to stand out from the crowd. The quality of online advertising, content, and affiliate marketing is a massive factor in the success of your online sportsbook. Evaluate the effect of individual channels, test new strategies, and identify the target segments.

Also, don’t forget about legal regulations. Make sure sports betting solution ads are permitted in the country where you plan to run them. Some governments, such as the UK, impose restrictions on how online betting software platform operators can advertise their services and what forms of marketing are allowed.

Online betting is a rapidly growing and dynamic industry. To meet the growing demand, online betting platform operators and their clients must take calculated risks. But when all the conditions are met and all the points are over and put, you have a business with endless potential in your hands.

If you are new to the industry and do not know where to start, or your platform has peaked and needs fresh ideas for further expansion, we will be happy to share our experience. Contact us and get a free consultation.


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