Hybrid Aerial Lifts: Everything You Need To Know

Hybrid Aerial Lifts: Everything You Need To Know

From diesel engines for outdoor applications to battery-powered for working indoors, power systems for aerial lift platforms are continuously evolving!

Increasingly strict emissions regulations have put off simple, mechanical engine designs to offer more versatile electronic models with the latest technology to reduce harmful emissions and particulate matter.

Previously, aerial lifts with dual fuel sources came into popularity as they provided contractors the freedom to work on both outdoor and indoor applications. Booms and scissor lifts equipped with both LPG and gasoline tanks offered contractors the flexibility to work inside using LPG fuel.

Today, boom lifts and scissor lifts offer true hybrid operation to boost operating flexibility. Hybrid models use a combination of two power sources – a battery drive and a small diesel engine with a generator. These units significantly increase flexibility and increase machine utilization by providing the diesel rough terrain units, and extended indoor operations under battery power. The result is “outstanding versatility.”

These hybrid aerial lifts come in handy for simply about anything and also on non-traditional power sources! Today, you can perform a lot more work operations with AWP, in way less time than those available in the past. Here are some different aerial lifts that offer hybrid function, and some with hybrid fuel operation:

Spider Lifts

Spider lifts provide simple maneuvering in tight spaces and corners with the stability and sure-footed grip of the machines. These are one of the best hybrid-type aerial lifts that provide height access solutions from building applications to robust tree care.

The ideal balance and low overall weight under the non-marking rubber tracks make the spider lifts ideal to use in complex applications. The already lightweight of the lifts is distributed evenly under the stabilizers.

Besides, from an employment standpoint, versatility is one of the attributes that distinguish some aerial lift employees from others. The capability to multitask with various jobs, using different machinery, makes anyone more valuable employee. Whether you are operating the hybrid lifts or any other machine, aerial lift training would keep you on the employment radar.

Hybrid Powered Scissor Lifts

Hybrid machines offer quiet, emission-free operation that allows workers to operate in the most sensitive work environments. Many popular manufacturers are in the hybrid scissor lift market, with new models coming out every month. The hybrid lifts can be operated with or without the engine as they are engineered with an on-board diesel-powered generator. It behaves like a battery charger to offer enough electrical power to perform boom functions, even if the batteries are entirely discharged.

When the engine is on, the battery can be used to increase engine power, or extra power can be utilized to charge the battery. This enables the engine to work more efficiently and results in lower fuel consumption.

With hybrid booms in industrial operations, where the equipment must be driven certain distances, workers can work all day long, offering them the flexibility to get where they need to go quickly without compromising power or productivity.

Electric Boom Lifts

Electric boom lifts are considered one of the premier hybrid boom lifts. They’re used for various activities, and feature greater uptime, longer run time, and higher productivity. These machines are particularly designed, so you have a quieter work area, fewer scheduled services, less dependency on hydraulic oils, and zero emissions.

Some hybrid AWP also offers a zero-degree turning radius excels in multiple work environments, and super-dependable operation. The hybrid AWP is also loaded with comfort features and premium safety.

With today’s hybrid systems – both Fuel-Electric and Bi-energy–company’s can meet their application needs and maximize return on invested capital!


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