The Importance of Staff Training

The Importance of Staff Training

As an employer, you have several responsibilities when it comes to the individual members of your workforce. Some employers prefer a high staff turnover so that they can pay minimal attention to staff welfare and development, which might work for low skill role as you can easily re-train your staff members.

However, all businesses benefit from specific skill sets, experience and loyalty in ways the owners may not have considered, so it’s extremely important to learn how to protect your human assets. This is best done by investing in your staff in the form of training.


Staff morale plays a huge role in the overall productivity of your workforce. When people are happy in their jobs, they are more likely to focus and contribute their best work. You won’t see absenteeism or grievances getting in the way of achievements, and you could even avoid the cost of an HR department to handle such things. Your company will attract the best talent by showcasing a happy and supportive environment.

In order to achieve this level of contentment, you need to show that you care about your employees’ professional development, which also proves that you have a long term goals for their employment; giving them stability and security. Training not only achieves this but also benefits your business.

Business Development

Training your staff and giving them a wider skill set can only benefit your business. For example, a course to help new line managers step into the roll will ensure a much smoother transition so fewer demands on your time and it will also enable them to fill their new role effectively; contributing towards the overall operational efficiency of the company.

Training in communications skills can help employees to build long-lasting relationships with clients, and of course sales and negotiation skills training can help to boost profits. You can choose specific training courses depending on the nature of your business. So if you look after pets while their owners are on holiday, you could train your staff to have some basic veterinary skills’ making your business more attractive to prospective clients who will know that they would be in the best hands.

Risk Management

Sufficient staff training will minimise the chance of mistakes being made, which could harm the company significantly. For example, poor technical knowledge could result in a member of staff releasing confidential client information to the wrong hands, which may not only lead to you losing some lucrative custom, but also a potential legal claim against the company.

Staff training is crucial if you want to retain your employees. Long term members of staff have valuable knowledge and experience of the company and have developed the relevant skill sets that you wouldn’t want them taking to competitors. Training shows them that you value them and want them to progress, which in turn makes them feel secure and content and therefore more productive. Training also results in the development of your business thanks to the new skills they will be able to bring to the table.

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