Instagram For Bloggers: How You Can Start Your Own!

Instagram For Bloggers: How You Can Start Your Own!

There’s no denying that Instagram is huge, and it’s evolving. It’s one of the top platforms, which can help you reach your business to new heights. Of course, you should not ignore the prime drivers – Google and Facebook, but when it comes to having a genuine customer, Instagram wins the game.

Not only it lets you build a community, but it also helps you connect with your readers. And, using it effectively can help you increase your sales and grow a lot of traffic.

Blogging On Instagram: How To Start!

Well, blogging on Instagram is completely different from what you do on your personal account. And, how others will see completely depends on your niche. You need to focus more on authenticity, content, and audience.

The blogging also includes more engagement to posts and stories of others. So, if you are a newbie in this, follow the below tips and make a successful carrier in Instagram blogging:

First, An Account:

Business starts with a good name, and Instagram blogging is no different. Pick a catchy username and set up your business account. But, before, drill down the reason why you want to grow your account. Is it only for followers, sales, or money?

For a blog name, if you already own a name on another platform, we would suggest using it. Add a nice profile picture or blog logo, fill up the bio with the niche of your choice, and you are good to go!

Once done, another important thing you need to do is to decide what you are going to post. Every post you publish should adhere to your niche and should be relevant to your audience. You are posting it to bring more value, thus have a strategy behind the post.

Focus On Blog Promotion:

When using Instagram, it’s very easy to get diverted and forget the purpose – to draw more engagement. For the audience to reach your blog, it is very important to make them know it exists. And for that, you need to reference it and tell followers to go there. Here’s what you can do:

  • Add A Link In Bio: Instagram only allows us to put a clickable link in the bio, which is to the website link part. All you need to do is copy and paste the link where you want followers to redirect.
  • Use Interactive Stories: Engaging and interactive stories is another most important part of your blog promotion strategy. Stories also create authenticity and show the real you. Use it as a reality TV where your followers would see what you are doing. You can also discuss the things that can help your readers.

Interact With Readers:

Apart from consistently posting content, another important thing to grow your Instagram is audience interaction. Don’t just post any random thing; make sure that your posts solve the reader’s problems. Use surveys, poll, or questions to check what readers want.

People often connect with a story, and it also makes the best way for them to let you know. Just keep in mind that you are posting for your follower, so include things that will only resonate with them.

Don’t Underestimate The Hashtags:

A good hashtag can take your post to another level and get you more followers. Relevant hashtags could help people find and follow you. Another great thing about hashtags is that people can easily choose it to ‘follow’ whatever hashtag they are using.

This also means that you will automatically be shown in their field, even if they are not in your followers or do not follow you.

You can choose upto 30 hashtags for every post, but using the one relevant to your post will increase your post reach. Besides, it will help you buy Instagram likes from genuine audience.


Instagram has over 1 billion users, so differentiate yourself; think of how you can connect with others from your niche.

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