The Latest Trends in E-Cigarette Flavors

The Latest Trends in E-Cigarette Flavors

The habit of smoking among humans is as old as the human race itself. History has recorded this habit in the era of 5000 BC. Needless to mention, this habit is not something that one must be proud of. Almost all of the smoking population of the world is trying to get rid of this nasty habit.

E-Cigarettes: A healthy Substitute

Electronic Cigarettes also commonly known as E-Cigarettes have been on the rise of the popularity curve. It is because the ill effects of nicotine from the tobacco are significantly reduced for those who use these gadgets. This is primarily because of the flavors or aerosols these cigarettes use, which gives the smoker a feeling of tobacco smoke when they are inhaling vapors.

Flavors of E-Cigarette

The trick of the E-Cigarettes lies in their flavors. These flavors are nothing but aerosols that turn in smoke when their atomizer is also known as the heating element is ignited by the smoker’s inhalation. The primary ingredients of flavors consist of glycol, glycerin, propylene, and flavorings. The flavoring is responsible for giving each E-Cigarette flavors its unique taste.

Types of E-Cigarette Flavors

With each passing day, new E-Cigarette flavor is introduced in the market. However, broadly, flavors for E-Cigarettes can be divided into three categories:

  • Tobacco
  • Menthol
  • Other Flavors

Out of all the available flavors, tobacco still rules the world of E-Cigarette flavors. This flavor has its separate sections like regular, apache, Atlantic-cut, Bora Bora, cherry black, Cavendish and many more. This plethora of tobacco flavors for E-cigarettes is synonymous with heaven for those tobacco connoisseurs.

Menthol is the second-highest demanded flavor amongst the E-Cigarette users. This flavor is primarily used for getting rid of bad breath quickly thereby providing a minty freshness to the breadth anywhere and at any time.

The next category of E-Cigarette flavors is primarily targeted for occasional users who use these flavors for recreation rather than out of habit. The most common type of flavors is the fruit flavors like green apple, strawberry, banana, peach, and berries. There are other categories as well, which include vanilla, chocolate, honey, butterscotch, coffee, etc. Even uncommon flavors like whipped cream and cinnamon are available as well.

You can get great e cigarette flavors offline and online both.

E-Cigarette Flavors Ban

News has been making rounds in recent times that FDA would ban E-Cigarette flavors which especially attract the kids and the youth since the issue of vaping amongst teens is taking the shape of an epidemic. This ban will not be imposed on the regular flavors of tobacco and menthol since these two flavors are not that popular amongst the youngsters.

While E-Cigarette does not pose a health threat as much as the regular one, overuse of the aerosol-based flavors has quite a bad effect on the health of the users.


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