Make and Maintain Relationships: With an Easy, Fast and Personal CRM

Make and Maintain Relationships: With an Easy, Fast and Personal CRM

When you are running a business – especially a small business that you have just started – the key is to recognize, reach out to, and engage with your customers long enough for that conversion to happen. And not only does a conversion need to happen, but you also need to retain that customer in the long run. With a small business building these initial relationships is what will take you forward and help you achieve scale. But how can you do this without taking time out from your busy schedule where you would be multitasking as a small business owner? The answer is very simple: personal CRM.

This article will help you understand all the nitty gritties of the personal CRM software or platform. Let us start by understanding what CRM is and what a personal CRM platform really is.

What is CRM?

CRM or customer relationship management is all about organizing and storing the information pertaining to reach, engagement and other interactions that can lead up to conversion and then retention of a prospect. The various fields in the CRM framework would help in organizing the information in terms of the solutions offered by the brand and the various campaigns run by it, thereby making it easy to reach out to the right customer at the right time.

It is imperative to have a CRM system when you are running a business – whether it is an enterprise wide plan or a personal CRM platform, or both. The good part is that a personal CRM platform is one of the best ways to build relationships if you are looking for a fast and easy way to do it. Let us find out more.

What is a Personal CRM platform?

A personal CRM software or platform is one that gives you the framework within which you can do the following quite effortlessly:

Organize information: With a personal CRM software, you would be able to collect and collate the information in relevant fields that would make it easy to reach and tap into, when the need arises. You would be able to use this information in a more relevant manner because it would be available for certain functions (for example, the birthdays of your known contacts in a certain month, or the preference of a customer when it comes to a certain kind of product or service).

Understand the customer: You would be able to understand the customer in a far more personalized manner when you decide to bring in a personal CRM software. This will help you keep in touch on a more one on one basis that will give you information to make you even more relatable in the eyes of the customers. When you have certain kinds of information, you can always make use of it for better results in your conversion process or the overall sales pipeline, since you understand what would really fit in terms of preferences.

Segmentation: The segmentation and the positioning of your brand will become much more seamless since you will be building relationships based on information rather than metrics, and on trust rather than mere automation. This is a fast and easy way in which personal CRM ensures that you make conversions and reach out successfully. When you have the right information, you would be in a better position to reach out in a relevant manner and to reach out to those people who truly understand and relate to your products and services. This would save you much effort and resources when it comes to entering the right segment and tapping the right prospects.

Customer retention: With better relationships comes the inevitable side effect of better customer retention. A good relationship with your customer would always means that the customer would be willing to go with your brand and its offering rather than trusting even a larger competitor where there is not personalization in the interactions. As a small business owner, you would need to pay attention to this aspect since it would bring in the customers and keep them there as well.

Quick communication: With personal CRM, you can be sure that there will be no lag in the communication process since you will be able to immediately reply to your customer. Whether it is a query from a prospect or a problem that can be solved with hands on customer care, you can display quick and timely communication. This would help in building better relationships with your customers so that they can remain with you for a longer period of time. A small business can build a loyal customer base quite easily with the help of personal CRM.

So now that we know what all can be achieved with the help of a good personal CRM platform, let us understand what is the best way to build a good personal CRM system:

Building a Robust Personal CRM System

When you are framing the CRM system, you would have to feed in the information or create the fields that can capture certain information on your behalf. Since the personal CRM software is one that helps you keep in direct touch with your customers, it would be more personal in nature and that also goes for the information that you would seek. Here is the kind of information that you would have to seek:

1. Main Coordinates: This includes the full name with the correct spelling as well as the other basic coordinates like email address, most current address, phone number and other such pieces of information that can help you reach out on an immediate basis.

2. Social Media: Apart from the above most basic information, you would also have to include information pertaining to the social media feeds and pages of the customers and prospects. This will help you further pull in metrics and information from their feed and social media activity so that you can engage with these prospects and customers efficiently.


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