Must-Have Travel Gear: The Best GPS Tracker for Hiking

Must-Have Travel Gear: The Best GPS Tracker for Hiking

When you like the mountain you often ask yourself, what is the best GPS for hiking? Paper maps are certainly necessary since the batteries of a GPS do not always last everything you need, but a good GPS on the mountain can not only save your life, it can be an excellent companion wherever you go. Being in high mountains and having a map with slope curves where you can make all kinds of measurements, a compass or an altimeter makes getting lost unlikely, even on days with a lot of fog or lack of visibility.


You Cannot Rely on Your Phone

For many, the best GPS for hiking is the mobile itself, as it has a multitude of map applications. But beware of this. They can cover most of the scenarios, but there are situations that are very lame for the following reasons:

Shortage of battery. A hiking GPS holds up to 72h with a single charge. A mobile phone has a lithium battery that lasts a short time and does not get along with the cold. You can carry an external battery, but the weight ultimately rules.

Meteorology. They clearly do not support it. If it rains they break down. If it’s sunny you can’t read the screen. But the worst, if it is very cold the battery does not last even a newscast.

They are weak. So is. They can fall or scratch, you simply would not like to break it.

Screens. They don’t get along either with the cold or with the gloves.

Hardware. The GPS of a mobile phone is not as accurate as those of a mountain GPS both by the antenna and by the processor.

The best GPS for hiking

There are many reasons why it is necessary to have a GPS for hiking, although being realistic we only see it necessary for those who like to explore , enter the high mountain, ascend in adverse weather conditions or simply, if they decide to undertake routes that do not They know We like to talk about brands, but when we talk about mountain GPS brands like GoFindMe. Unlike the big brand Garmin, GoFindMe GPS tracker requires no subscription fee, so it is a one time purchase and works for lifetime.

It has variety of maps, available software, and especially for the quality and finish. The GoFindMe does not have the screen of a mobile phone like an iPhone, but I assure you that the latter does not hold adverse weather, snow, ice, mud or water.

How Does GoFindMe Works?

You can connect GoFindMe device to the mobile phone via Bluetooth connection. Then you can send text messages or GPS coordinates on the mobile even when there is no cell service or Wi-Fi. It is resistant to splashes (rain), dust, snow and bumps, so you can carry it with you to any adventure.

It is recharged by USB port. It comes with maps as standard without extra cost. Undoubtedly, this gadget is a fantastic way to be safe in remote sites, to always know our situation and to be able to communicate. The point to point communication range can be expected to 5 miles. In addition, its strength grows if the number of users grows with Mesh network. Besides, you can also use it as a car GPS tracker for short-range tracking.


If you are planning on a family camping trip or group hiking, this GoFindMe is really nice to have. Send your kids freely to the nearby areas, and keep track of their activities. You can continuously be in touch with them. Let you and your kids explore the world with a whole new sight. Such a useful device will save you time and keep your kids safe. Also, the most attractive features have been added, such as setting the safe mode. This mode will notify you as soon as your member crosses the line.


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