What You Need to Know About Cannabis Oil for Dogs

What You Need to Know About Cannabis Oil for Dogs


Cannabis oil is extracted from marijuana. It has been a source of relief for thousands of people across the world. Actually, this product has been recommended by medical experts and researchers. The main ingredient that makes marijuana a potent product for this purpose is CBD. Apart from this plant, hemp is also a major source of CBD, and it is heavily used nowadays.

After establishing that cannabis oil is healthy for humans, research has now focused on its use for dogs and other pets. For those who own these wonderful pets, it is time to learn how to take advantage of cannabis oil to keep dogs healthy.

Benefits to Dogs

Cannabis oil is extracted from the marijuana plant using CO2 as the best method. According to pet vets, CBD is the potent cannabinoid component that is targeted to treat dogs. But it is good to use all cannabis oil that contains other cannabinoids found in marijuana as long as THC is kept below 0.3% to avoid psychoactive effects.

When this is the case, the potent compound bonds with the endocannabinoid system in dogs, and they experience the following benefits.

· Treatment of cancer – dogs do suffer from different types of cancers. Just like in humans, this oil will bring relief to a dog with cancer when it is used together with other treatment therapies. It mainly relieves the dog of pain and inflammation brought about by chemotherapy and other cancer treatments.

· Chronic pain relief – if your dog is suffering from endless pain caused by injuries, cancer or any other condition, your vet may recommend the use of cannabis oil. So, you can try this website to find some reliable products.

· Anxiety – if your dog has been showing signs of severe anxiety lately, it is best to check if stress is the cause. Dogs can suffer from stress if they are bullied or if their masters have not been around for a while among many other reasons. As you try to eliminate all that is stressing the dog, you should also consider giving it cannabis oil as a solution.

Effects of Cannabis Oil on Dogs

Assuming that dogs have been given the right dose of cannabis oil as recommended by a qualified vet, there are no known side effects. Studies have shown that it is safe to use this product on dogs unlike traditional medications for pain. In fact, it is one of the most recommended today.

So, if you are scared that something will happen to your dog when cannabis oil is used, this should confirm to you that there is nothing to fear. It is no wonder that many pet health shops have been stocking this product for dogs.

How to Administer Cannabis Oil to Dogs

The oral method is commonly used by both vets and dog owners. It is the best because as soon as the drops are in the dog’s mouth, they are quickly absorbed into its system. However, topical methods, where the oil is applied to the dog’s skin, can also be used.

With all these benefits to dogs and the ease of use, cannabis oil is an excellent medical solution that any pet owner should consider. Ensure that you follow crucial instructions for your dog to get the best out of this treatment.


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