Patrick Shin, One of Hawaii’s Biggest Donators Has Been Giving Back for 30 Years.

“When it comes to establishing a successful and reliable company, one can’t overlook the importance of giving back”, says Patrick Shin, owner of Hawaiian construction business Nan Inc. It’s been the way that Patrick Shin has conducted his business for over 30 years so far. Even though it stood out as one of the most successful businesses in Hawaii, it never forgot about those in need. As for today, Nan, Inc., has joined several fundraisers and donated to a multitude of charities.

Since 30 years ago, when the business was founded, Patrick Shin and his employees did their best to help others. And in case you didn’t know already, the first donations were organized by Nan, Inc.’s employees. They focused on helping local food banks, blood banks, and even participating in locally organized charity races. Thus, we can easily see the people-driven values of this company.

Today, Nan, Inc.’s charitable portfolio includes a wide array of good-will organizations. For example, they actively donate to the Make-A-Wish Hawaii, Child & Family Services, scholarship funding for the UH Manoa College of Engineering, and the Navy Seals Foundation. This company is also supporting and offering human resources to the Pacific region YMCAs and the Rotary Club of Honolulu so that the infrastructure is improved in rural areas around the Philippines and Cambodia.

2013: An iconic year for Nan, Inc.: the first substantial donation to the St. Francis Healthcare Foundation

This was the first $1 million donation from Nan, Inc. It was a donation to the St. Francis Healthcare Foundation as an aid for a skilled and professional nursing facility. And this donation came as soon as Patrick Shin’s mother was treated with the utmost care in the facility. The owner of Nan, Inc., constantly admitted that his mother was cared for in the most humane way. She used to come to the St. Francis Healthcare facility for dialysis, and when her condition got worse and she was hospitalized, Shin was allowed to see her several times a day. Sadly, she passed away in 2008, but this only made her son seek a way to help the St. Francis Healthcare System.

The impressive donation was inspired by the professionalism and kindness of the staff working in this medical facility. And the $1 million contributions from Nan, Inc. were used to offer 119-bed units to the Clarence T.C. Ching Skilled Nursing Facility on the St. Francis Liliha campus. The SNF is located on the third, fourth, and fifth floors of the Sullivan building, an area previously used for the hospital. Overall, this impressive donation helped create private and semi-private rooms, so that the nursing services received are the best. And considering that most nursing homes in Hawaii have wards for four or more people, we can say this was a significant improvement. Shin was inspired by his mother’s journey and aimed to offer some comfort to both adult children and their loved ones in need of a professional and unique caring facility.

2016: Nan Inc. supports the Kapiolani Medical Center with a $1 million donation

The Kapiolani Medical Center has a vast experience in helping and caring for women and children. And thanks to Nan Inc.’s involvement, they have all the resources necessary to keep helping those in need.

In 2016, Nan Inc. made an impressive donation of $1 million, so the medical center had the financial means to move forward to the hospital’s expansion. Overall, the money received was used to create a new auditorium and a professional Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

This donation isn’t as surprising as it seems, considering the company’s constant involvement in charitable activities. Nan Inc.’s founder, Patrick Nan Shin, states that this hospital has a powerful meaning to most of his employees, including himself. He says that he was so lucky to have all his three daughters born here with the help of knowledgeable and caring personal. And he underlines that this caring facility is one of the few that guides you through the first steps towards raising children.

The $1 million donations helped build a 1600 square foot auditorium with a unique purpose: education and conference center. The staff welcomed this space since it eased the path towards teaching their patients about health, wellbeing, and youngster’s health and care.

This project was proudly named the Nan Inc. Auditorium. It was the Kapiolani Medical Center’s way of expressing gratitude for both the founder and employees of this business.

2020: Constant involvement in community matters

As for today, Patrick Shin and Nan Inc managed to help more than five hundred charitable organizations in Hawaii and across the world with an estimated value of over $4 million.

Throughout the years, this organization made its goal to aid the Hawaiian community. And we can easily see that they were a significant part of the Special Olympics RUSH Socer, HPU’s soccer program, and the Hawaii Gay Flag Football League. They strive to make a good impact on the locals, which is why they aim to do their best in offering support to disadvantaged kids, cultural non-profits, medical care facilities, and educational sites.

This year Nan Inc. was involved in offering support in the global pandemic scenario. They donated several times to aid the Hawaii Health & Harm Reduction Center in their attempts to provide food for the community. Also, they donated a substantial amount of N95 masks to the Premier Medical Group Hawaii, so that the medical staff had all the necessary equipment to perform drive-thru testing for COVID-19.

“Nan Inc. is more than a business. It’s a company’s culture driven towards aiding others”, says Patrick Shin. Not only the founder is involved in charitable giving, but the staff follows his lead and gets involved regularly in assisting those in need.

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