Are you looking for effective and creative ideas to take selfies as if the photo was taken by a professional photographer? No matter whether you are a blogger or just a social media user, it will be helpful to learn a few tricks about selfie photography. Check out the following tips that will help beginning photographers take a professional-looking self-portrait.


1. Buy a Professional Camera

Any novice shooter wants to learn how to take a good selfie. The first thing everyone should understand that a professional photo should be taken be a professional camera, not a smartphone. There are a lot of good DSLR, mirrorless or even point and hoot cameras on the market. For example, Olympus PEN E-PL7 can be called the best selfie camera to pick. It resizes a picture into a square as well as produces a bright and clear image. Moreover, it is possible to transfer photos straight to your smartphone.

2. Mind Your Composition

There is no need to center a face. It is better to use the rule of thirds. Another method of choosing an angle is to take a selfie from above. This way, it is possible to accentuate the eyes and make the face look smaller.


It is highly recommended not to overdo with shooting from above, as the picture may get distorted. The camera should be positioned above the eye level. It is possible to make the shot more creative trying different poses. The best way to get a catchy selfie is to take profile or side view shots. If there is a need to focus on a particular part of the face, then zooming in will be an ideal choice. Check out these creative and unusual self portrait ideas and repeat them to impress your followers.

3. Find the Most Winning Pose

Practice makes perfect. So, finding the most successful pose and corresponding facial expressions comes with experience. Another good trick of making an irresistible self-portrait is trying various selfie angles.

The most effective way to enhance the posture is to pull the shoulders down. To make a photo more intriguing, the model can look away from a camera. However, professionals recommend playing around with the poses and choose the one that suits best.

4. Find a Perfect Destination

Regardless of the place where you do selfie photography, it is necessary to use the things that surround you.

To make an interesting composition, you can use elements of a scene to create a frame within a frame. For example, one can shoot through a doorway, branches, fences or even use arms. It is recommended to hold a camera with both hands or put one of the hands under the chin. In general, it is possible to use everything which will allow framing the bottom of the image. The main rule of selecting a surrounding is to choose the clean and pleasant location which doesn’t include any distracting objects or a crowd of people.

5. Experiment with Light

Natural light is perfect selfie lighting. If the photoshoot is carried out indoors, it is better to shoot near the window. Nevertheless, it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight in order not to spoil a photo.

If it comes to artificial light, the worst choice is ceiling lighting. To achieve a better light effect, photographers recommend using lamps and reflectors.

6. Framing is Important

As it was mentioned above, photo framing plays a great role in selfie photography. In case you use a DSLR and a tripod, it will open new possibilities to frame the scene. The best choice is to use natural lines in the location. It can be trees, branches, doorways, tall grass, fence posts, benches, sidewalks and even a horizon line.

7. Use Auto Focus and Manual Focus Settings

The best way to take a selfie is to focus on the stand-in subject with the help of the AF. When the subject is in the focus, it is necessary to switch the lens to the Manual mode. This will open more opportunities to adjust the settings while keeping the AF point. It is essential to select the in-focus point and stand in the right place.

8. Use Self-Timer and Burst Mode

This is one of the most helpful selfie tips. If the camera doesn’t feature a remote control, then the self-timer comes in handy. It is highly recommended to set a timer for a certain time period to get in the right position.

It is pretty impossible to get the perfect image at the first try. Fortunately, a good camera should feature a continuous shooting mode (or burst mode) which is very convenient. Even if you need only one photo, it is better to take a few shots and then choose the most appealing one.

9. Play Around with the Latest Trends

Experimenting with the latest trends is essential while learning how to take cute selfies. So, to make the pictures pop, it is better to use some stylish attire. Moreover, experimenting with different looks sounds like a great plan.

Another option is to choose the right effect. One of the most widespread filters on the Web is grain. It is especially popular on Instagram. What is so special about this filter? The point is that it gives the photo an old-film feel. The grain filter is often used at 100% capacity. Many photographers think that it is too much because when applying this filter to a picture, it seems as it was taken on a film camera more than 60 years ago.

10. Always Do Photo Editing

It is important to edit your self-portraits so that they look natural and clear. Even a regular social media user may notice an over-edited image. If it comes to enhancing selfies, everyone should remember the concept of “the less is more”.


Selfie photography is a rather interesting and money-saving genre of portrait photography. These tips and tricks will help everyone master their skills and take professional photos without assistance. Read more about how to take and retouch self portraits like a pro.



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