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Download Sonic Mania Apk For Android, PC AND MAC/IOS – WINDOWS 7, 8, 10 Free


Download sonic mania pc  Right from the 90s, the Sonic Mania has been very exciting and worth playing. The game is compatible with most of the devices. In this article i will show you How to download sonic mania apk for android, and download sonic mania pc for free The graphics and many other things have changed since 1990. With amazing interface and UI, Sonic Mania grabs a lot of players and the excitement for the next version of the game. Like in all Sonic games, how to get sonic mania for free this one also posses a storyline, characters, and a mysterious plot. It is the plot that makes every Sonic game is the most awaited one and that too with a lot of expectations.

The narration is interesting, sonic mania apk download free and the narration committee has one of the members of the Sonic team. Tails and Knuckles go back in the time, possessing different powers which they have got from the mysterious phantom Ruby, which Dr. Eggman wants to own.


How To Download Sonic Mania For Pc

  1. First, download the installer from “Download Game” button.
  2. After downloading “sonic mania pc” Installer (It can support Resumable Downloads).
  3. Now, click on the Installer, and then on “Next” and choose the directory where to Install.
  4. The Installer will download the complete version of this game in your specified directory.
  5. Now, open the Sonic Mania Game and start playing.

How To Download Sonic Mania Apk For Android

  1. Download Sonic Mania Apk From here
  2. Go to settings and give access to Sonic Mania
  3. Now open the downloaded Sonic Mania file .
  4. Double click on it and click install
  5. That’s it. Your app is ready to use.

The Gameplay

The gameplay has got two characters, Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel. They have never been in a side-scrolling sonic mania pc download free game ever before, and both can be used in both the Encore campaign and also in the standard one. Similar to the Tails and Knuckles, these two are different from the Sonic as they hold a special move. And sonic mania system requirements that is they can anytime jump using any jump button in mid-air. Also, Mighty has got a special skill with which he can slam either directly down or attack with a high-speed maneuver.

Ray, on the other hand, can lift the cape power-up from the Super Mario World. Ray players can anytime float-and-dive flight and can continue sonic mania free download with this pattern forever, which requires speed and momentum to remain airborne. And hence they gain a lot of speed and energy while following this pattern. Ray is a good recommendation for expert players and speedrunners, and his presence in the team seems like it was made for the new game-streaming world. His tricks, moves and everything is great to watch and helpful to discover new things

Encore’s players have got limited to use only a certain number of heroes in the game, in spite of having extra lives at a given point of time. The sonic pc game starts with only a couple of heroes, and you can use one hero at any time when the characters are standing together and are still. You can tag the second hero back in your pocket if you find any hidden boxes in the upcoming levels. During the game, you’ll find many heroes but you can use them only when you die, or you find an arrow-swap box.


The Sonic Mania has got different modes to play. The story mode, which is the main one is through exciting but is time taking. So if you wish to enjoy small gameplays, you can switch to time attack or the split screen mode. These games are short and interesting and will let you take a break from that full-fledged story mode. There is also a mini-game called as Puyo Puyo which you can unlock later.

Of the versions released of Sonic Mania, the Switch and PS4 iterations run very smoothly and are equally recommended on that front.


The Sonic Mania has a very good background play and has always stuck to the original game theme. The short modes, mini-games, storyline sonic mania plus pc download all have made it a complete package of entertainment and gaming. Sonic Mania as already mentioned is compatible with most of the devices and being a non-gamer, you can enjoy it in your PC as well. However, it is noticed that Sonic Mania in PS4 is simple to use whereas in PC it is difficult to remember all the button controls and moves. Although, the ease of playing the game highly depends from player to player.

The only real downside or a drawback with Sonic Mania is that since it sticks to the original 90s gameplay, you will not like it if you did not enjoy sonic game download for pc good old Sonic games on those Mega Drives and Genesis. It is mostly like come back with new features and plot to the original form. And if that is not your thing, then you would switch to a different thing. The reason Sonic Mania is popular is that there was a huge positive response when it was released in the 90s.

To sum up, Sonic Mania is one of the best Sonic games ever released and is a very precisely and thoughtfully developed game. It would have been like the previous versions had the developers not put in so much efforts and creativity to let it shine above the previous versions developed so far. Sonic Mania is going to hog the limelight because of its innovative graphics and interface, and moreover, it is compatible.



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