Soundboks Bluetooth Speaker: Great and Really Loud

Soundboks Bluetooth Speaker: Great and Really Loud

When we speak about portable Bluetooth speakers we normally think of those compact versions or the slightly bigger tabletop versions which are good enough to entertain a smaller group of people. However, there are extra-large portable speakers on the market which are not commonly seen and one of these is the Soundboks Bluetooth speaker. It is really a high-end product both by price and quality and the new version of this speaker offers some really interesting features.

If we compare the latest version of the Soundboks speaker with the previous ones, this version is even louder than the previous model. Four additional decibels are still nice and you have to admit that’s really loud. If you have to imagine the loudness of this speaker you can compare it to club speakers but in this case it’s a portable version.

A great feature built in in this version is the so called “Pulse Reflex Port“. You can find it right next to the handles of the Bluetooth speaker. It is designed to improve the bass and sound and take care of the resistance of all the elements. A fine mesh protects this opening, preventing water from getting inside and enhancing the audio at the same time.

The charge and the output power have to match perfectly or a poor charge won’t be able to handle such output power. Just like previous versions, this speaker comes with a replaceable LiFePO4 battery pack. It is generally enough to give you 40 hours of continuous play if you are not listening to music at highest volume. In case you want to use this speaker at maximum volume you can expect around five hours of battery life. Keep in mind that if you completely drain the battery it will take about three and a half hours to fully recharge. It is always good to know this detail so you can plan ahead when you plan to use it.

The new Soundboks falls into the category of portable speakers; however you will need some muscles to move it around. This is the reason why we would recommend using any type of vehicle to move it around. The handles and construction makes this part much easier but it’s still too heavy.

If you have the funds to create a portable sound system you will find many wired and Wi-Fi connection options here. For example, there are:

  • 2 dual ¼ inch / XLR ports
  • 3.5mm stereo input and output.

These types of connections can be used without fear of the weather as they are well protected. A great feature is the use of Bluetooth 5.0. It would ideally work at a 120ft distance and we have to admit it’s more than enough.

The Soundboks speaker is designed in such a way that you don’t have to worry much whether you will damage it during transportation. It is designed to be extremely durable. The materials used to build this speaker include an aluminum frame, a steel grill which can be easily replaced and a high-density plywood box. The Soundboks 2 also has silicone ball corners which can be replaced. This is a great improvement if you compare them with the ball corners of the Soundboks 2 version that were made of aluminum.

And now comes the real kickass feature – the TeamUP function. This function will allow you to pair up to 5 Soundbooks wirelessly thanks to the use of SKAA. It doesn’t matter which type of connection you will use to connect one of the speakers to an audio source. You can easily configure that exact speaker to transmit signal to the four additional speakers wirelessly. The maximum distance between speakers in this case is around 65-feet. You don’t need to bother pairing them. They function in the following way – the one you have connected to the audio source acts like a “host” and the others just join it. And if you are willing to try this setup and are afraid that some delay might occur because of the wireless connection, the company assures that the delay isn’t supposed to be more than 40ms. This is practically something you won’t even notice.

If you are into high priced gadgets the Soundboks should definitely find its place on your list. However, most people will try to find a reasonable explanation for the price mainly because there are numerous cheaper portable boom box models on the market. Of course, the specifications of these cheaper models don’t even come near the Soundboks, but they can be used as a replacement if your budget is limited. On the other hand if you can afford the new Soundboks you won’t be disappointed. We are sure it will claim its spot on the list of loudest portable Bluetooth speakers.


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