Standing Desk Selection

Standing Desk Selection

Whatever kind of activity people do in their offices, the main importance for them ​​will undoubtedly always be their time, money, and surely their health. Keeping this in mind, the worldwide automation distributor & manufacturer Progressive Automations has selected an assortment of office standing desks so that to help their potential customers to choose the right option without wasting extra time and without serious threat to leave their pocket empty.

Standing Desk Innovation

The office table has long ago become not only a piece of furniture but also a comfort instrument, as well as the well-being of the employee in the workplace. But the linear motion innovations changed the perception of ordinary office tables so that modern companies nowadays want something more than just an ordinary office table. Now they want standing desk technology – the linear motion automation office equipment that can change the everyday life of an ordinary office worker totally. Therefore, the purchase of office furniture, for brand companies nowadays almost surely includes not the ordinary office tables, but the standing desk work stations that allow using the office space and the time of all employees working with them wisely.

Wide Design Selection

Within the range of its technologies, the world-famous linear motion manufacturer Progressive Automations has developed special models of office standing desks, that have the lifting mechanisms that allow using these technologically-upgraded office tables both when standing and when sitting. As a result of such acquisition, customers get a thoughtful office space that guarantees the convenience and the right conditions for the efficient work within limited office space. In the online constructor, customers can assemble their own variant of the standing that would be a combination of all the convenient details looked for by customers. Thus, for example, customers can look through the wide selection of standing desks tops and find the one that will definitely suit the requirement of the office space.

Advantages Of Progressive Automations Motorized Office Furniture

  • excellent quality from a well-known American automation leviathan;
  • thoughtful designs;
  • democratic prices;
  • innovative solutions in product designs;
  • beautiful, stylish appearance.

In addition to the aesthetic and ergonomic qualities of the products, the company cares about their ecological purity, respectively about the health of its customers, so that all the products the company’s online catalog are made of high quality, environmentally friendly materials. This is confirmed by the availability of quality certificates in accordance with international standards.

To buy a good office standing desk, the price and technical specifications of which will meet all your requirements, contact the staff of the Progressive Desk store, and they will definitely help you to make the right choice, as well as arrange delivery at the address you indicate.

The online constructor provides customers of Progressive Desk online store with a large selection of office standing desk models with a good value for money. To get acquainted with the operational characteristics of any product see the pricing for each separate standing desk part. When choosing each part like the tabletop, table frame and the type of the remote control device the online constructor will automatically sum up all the prices and will give you the final one so that you could choose the standing desk of your dream taking into account how much money you can spend on this technological miracle.

The standing desk is the technological solution that offers not just pretty designs that manufacturers use to hook up their clients but at the same time standard solutions and non-standard furniture that meets individual needs and can serve pretty long and convenient service. This is the new way to spend your time effectively not risking with your health and work with maximum productivity whatever are the surrounding conditions.


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