The 3 best ways to make your business visible

The 3 best ways to make your business visible

Businesses want to grow, but how do you grow? You do so by making a profit, but that is easier said than done. One way to make a profit is by making more sales and to make more sales you need more customers. How do you attract those customers? By making your business visible to the potential customer! Visibility is where it all starts. You can make your business visible in several ways and one of them is by having your logo printed on products. Below are 3 examples of products that are very effective. These products create a lot of visibility and as a result your company will quickly reach many people.

To start with, it is useful to print products that you can distribute easily and quickly, such as stickers. Stickers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but the way to distribute them the fastest is by getting stickers rolls (translation: stickers op rol) printed with your own logo. These stickers are very effective because they come in large quantities on rolls. This makes them easy to remove from the paper and stick on. You can use the stickers on rolls in various ways, for example, you can seal your own shipping boxes with these stickers. In this way you can be sure that customers will immediately see your company logo.

Another product that you can distribute quickly and easily is business cards. Business cards don’t cost much and are easy to give away to others. If you really want to make an impression, you can order business cards with luxury finishing. For example, you can choose a foil printed hologram, foil printed gold or embossed. These finishes will certainly ensure that whoever receives the business card will be immediately interested in your company. Would you like to think of the environment at the same time? That’s possible too, because you can have business cards printed on sustainable paper.

You can also make window stickers (translation: raamstickers maken). Window stickers can be put on the windows of your store or office building. If you print your company logo on this and stick it on the windows, everyone will immediately know which company is located there. Every potential customer who walks by will immediately recognize your company.

With these products you can ensure that your company becomes much more visible to potential customers. Visibility is very important when you have a business!


4 Extra tips to improve the online findability of your company

Many consumers start their customer journey online. How easy to find is your company if (potential) customers look up your company online? With these simple tips you get more out of the online findability of your company.

1: Register company to online channels

There are many online channels such as Google My Business,, Google AdWords and Apple Maps, where a lot of visitors come every day who are looking for company information such as directions, website, telephone numbers or opening hours. Make sure your company is also found here.

2: Use social media channels

There are various social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Depending on the service or product you offer, you can determine what you want to use or not. For example, Instagram is useful if you have nice photos to share with your (potential) customers and LinkedIn if your target group can also be found there.

3. Keep online business listings up to date

Creating or registering for an online channel is not necessarily the most complicated; the job is more in keeping these business listings up-to-date. When the company data that is visible online is incorrect, this can be at the expense of your reputation. Customers can end up in front of a closed door or be incorrectly connected by telephone. So make sure that when you register a business, you keep this business listing accurate and actively manage it. Do you need help with this or are you short on time to manage all of these? Then consider Places Business Listing. This service ensures that you can manage all your business listings from 1 dashboard.

4. Actively manage your company’s reviews

Many online channels such as Google My Company or Facebook give customers the option to leave a review. It is wise to keep an eye on these reviews. These reviews can influence the decision-making of potential customers whether or not to go for your company. Therefore, respond actively and in a customer-friendly manner to the reviews and learn from the feedback.

Last but not least for the pro’s

Build a responsive webshop

A responsive website is suitable for mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. Peering at the fine print of a normal website on the small screen of a smartphone is not pleasant. A responsive website adapts to the small screen. Buttons on the site, for example, are extra large, making them easier to touch with your finger. The text is also extra large, and text and images fit within the width of your screen. Scrolling left and right or zooming in and out is not necessary. An app is an alternative to a responsive website.


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