The Equation Ergonomic

The Equation Ergonomic

How ergonomics add-up to relaxed work? Computing comfort starts by paying attention to the experience of the body. The Ergonomic Equation of Comfortable Computing is characterized by only three fundamental elements: Neutral posture + voluntary motion + rest.

1.Neutral stance – Feels relaxed and normal. Uses less of the electricity. Bringing body tension to a minimum.

2.Voluntary motion – Less agonizing than sitting in place.

 Makes you feel calm and ready.

 Enhances circulation in the blood.

3.Rest time – Take daily, fast breaks.

Commit to light workout / stretching.

Relax your eyes and wrists and your sides.


Ergonomics tips

Monitor tips

  • Change the height of the display such that the top of the screen is at-or just below-level of the eye.
  • When viewing the center of the screen the eyes will look slightly downwards.
  • Place the display from your eyes at least 20 inches (51 cm) – about the width of an arm’s length. If you have a larger screen add more viewing space.
  • Set the screen location to keep glare down.
  • Keep the distance from your screen-scanning eyes to your laptop by tilting the display back 10 ° to 20 °.
  • If you’re wearing bifocals (we’re never going to tell!), lower the display below eye level and turn your screen upwards, tilting it back 30 ° to 45 °.

Popular mounts that support proper ergonomic monitor positioning

Ergotron LX Single Arm

Ergotech Freedom Arm

Humanscale M2.1 Single Monitor Arm

Humanscale M8.1 Heavy Duty Single or Dual Monitor Arm

Keyboard tips

  • Maintain a height of the keyboard that is right at your elbows.
  • To keep your wrists flat, tilt the keyboard 10 ° backwards.
  • The normal working surface is still too high for proper ergonomic positioning. Try an adjustable keyboard tray that extends under the work surface.

Popular products that support proper ergonomic keyboard positioning

Humanscale 900 Keyboard Tray

Workrite 2227 Revo Keyboard and

Intensive Mouse Application Tray

Ergo Desktop Electric Kangaroo Elite

General tips

  • Choose a comfortable, flexible chair and change when changing postures.
  • Rest your eyes by concentrating on an point often 20-plus feet (6 m) away.
  • Stand, and from time to time extend your back and neck.
  • Give your neck a break by placing your computer or working materials directly in front of you to avoid turning too much of your back.
  • Even if your workstation configuration is right, you can still get tired of sitting too long in the same position — so don’t forget to switch every 30 minutes, if possible.


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